September 21, 2019

Vice President Joe Biden On Donald Trump

On the reporting that Trump tried to coerce Ukraine into an investigation into his son, Joe Biden released this statement:
If these reports are true, then there is truly no bottom to President Trump’s willingness to abuse his power and abase our country. This behavior is particularly abhorrent because it exploits the foreign policy of our country and undermines our national security for political purposes. It means that he used the power and resources of the United States to pressure a sovereign nation — a partner that is still under direct assault from Russia — pushing Ukraine to subvert the rule of law in the express hope of extracting a political favor.

Such clear-cut corruption damages and diminishes our institutions of government by making them tools of a personal political vendetta. At minimum, Donald Trump should immediately release the transcript of the call in question, so that the American people can judge for themselves, and direct the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to stop stonewalling and release the whistleblower notification to the Congress.
In his defense, Trump said that "it’s nothing … just another political hack job."

And while he doesn't know the whistleblower's name, has heard "it's a partisan person."

Thus spake The Donald.

And since he has thus spaken, I have a few questions:
  • How does he know it's a "political hack job"?
  • Who told him?
  • If he doesn't know the name of the whistleblower, someone must. Who told Trump that the person was "partisan"?
  • Which political party is this "partisan person" a member? 
  • Or at least which party's politics does this person adhere?
  • How is that information known?

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Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

I have a few questions:
Who is the Whistle blower?
It has been reported that the Whistle blower did not witness it and heard a rumor. So Hearsay.
Is the President considered part of the IC when they are still pursuing and investigating Trump for treason.