April 16, 2020

GOP Congressional Candidate Sean Parnell, Enter Stage Far FAR Right!!

In the US House of Representatives, the representative from PA-17 (where I live) is Congressman Conor Lamb.

He's the guy who beat Rick Saccone a while back, in case you've forgotten. As far as I can tell, he's a center-left/centrist Democrat. Contemporary politics being what it is, of course, the Trumper's think he's a flaming liberal who's to blame for everything including the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

A real American must be found to save us from the socialist scourge!! (Lamb actually reached the rank of Major in the USMC reserves, BTW. Just so you know.)

Enter, in a most peculiar way from stage far-far right, Sean Parnell. The story begins last October when the orange vulgarity himself was speaking at an energy conference in Pittsburgh. This is how the P-G saw it:
Sean Parnell said he was asleep last week when President Donald Trump announced that the Army veteran was going to challenge U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district.

Speaking Tuesday night at the Allegheny County Republican Committee, Mr. Parnell said he had no idea how Mr. Trump knew his plan or that the president was going to make it public.
Timing is everything, they say.

Today, Parnell posted this tired conservative protest on his Facebook page:

With the caption:
This is what media bias looks like.
Too bad Sean didn't do his homework on this. You'll see why in a minute.  Perhaps he did. But IF he did, then he's actively lying (by omission) with his many FB friends. So let's just assume for the sake of civility that he's just sloppy and careless and NOT outright dishonest.

Everyone cool with that?


To look at it, Parnell's saying that the media is so biased that presented with the exact same picture (a president presenting a $4 trillion budget proposal to Congress) of two different presidents (one a Democrat the other a Republican) the media can't help but trash the Republican.  However by coming conclusion with just the headlines, Sean's left out some very important info: the details of each budget proposal, for example.

I googled each headline above and found that the former is from February, 2015 and the latter from about three years later.

This is what the NYTimes had to say about the Obama budget proposal in 2015:
Under the president’s plan, the federal deficit would drop from $583 billion this year — or 3.2 percent of the economy — to $474 billion in 2016, 2.5 percent of the economy.
And this is what the NYTimes said of the Trump budget proposal in 2019:
The White House budget request would add $984 billion to the federal deficit next year, despite proposed cuts to programs like Medicare and food stamps and despite leaner budgets across federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency.
See that? The Obama budget proposed $474 billion in deficits (which was lower than the year before) but the Trump budget proposed a deficit of MORE THAN DOUBLE that.

So which one had those "soaring deficits"?

Now go back and look at what Sean Parnell presented to his FB friends.

It's still early in the campaign, so I'll leave it to you to decide whether Sean Parnell was sloppy or dishonest.


Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

It's still early in the campaign, so I'll leave it to you to decide whether Sean Parnell was sloppy or dishonest.

Dayvoe is both

Year Deficit Increase GDP Events
2008 $459 $1,017 3.1% Bank bailout, QE
2009 $1,413 $1,632 9.8% Stimulus Act. Bank bailout cost $250B, ARRA added $253B
2010 $1,294 $1,905 8.6% Obama tax cuts, ACA, Simpson-Bowles
2011 $1,300 $1,229 8.3% Debt crisis, recession and tax cuts reduced revenue
2012 $1,077 $1,276 6.6% Fiscal cliff
2013 $680 $672 4.0% Sequester
2014 $485 $1,086 2.7% Debt ceiling crisis
2015 $442 $327 2.4% TPP, Iran deal
2016 $585 $1,423 3.1% Presidential race
2017 $665 $672 3.4% Trump Tax Act

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

A Democrat Congress and President will lower the Deficit.
Conor Lamb voted foe every Democrat gun control bill.
H.R. 8 Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019,
H.R .112 Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019
H.R. 1296 Assault Weapons Ban of 2019
H.R. 1236 Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019
H.R. 1186 Keep Americans Safe Act
H.R. 2708 Disarm Hate Act