April 4, 2020

In Case You, Sean Parnell, Missed It

Yesterday, republican candidate for House seat PA-17, Sean Parnell posted this on Facebook.

It's a copy of this tweet:
And here is my FB response:
OF COURSE it's necessary for the Congress to investigate Trump on his (failed) response to the Coronavirus. He has made a bad situation horribly horribly worse.

Here are some facts: Trump was warned by the intelligence community about a "likely pandemic" BACK IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY and yet downplayed the severity of the virus for months. He said it would miraculously go away. He said that the number would be "close to zero" by April. His administration said it was contained.

With the numbers of the dead and suffering rising, how and why did he get things so wrong?

Why has Jared Kushner (who has absolutely no expertise in medicine or government) been given any responsibility into this?

Shouldn't SOMEONE be looking into these questions? People are dying and it was only a few weeks ago that he said it was all going to go away.

And let me clarify the timeline here: The House Impeached Trump on December 18 a week and a half BEFORE China informed the World Health Organization of "pneumonia of an unknown cause" in Wuhan. The WHO announcement was made January 5, 2020.

Donald Trump has gone golfing more than a half dozen times between January 5 and March 8 - two days BEFORE telling everyone to "stay calm. It will go away."

So yes, it's necessary to investigate Trump's horrendous mishandling of this crisis.
So far, no response from Parnell (not that one is expected, of course).

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