May 26, 2020

On Memorial Day Trump Calls Conor Lamb, A Retired Marine, "An American Fraud"

And he did it in this tweet:
And it came with a "TOTAL & COMPLETE" endorsement of his opponent, Sean Parnell.

Oh, and there's also the lie about Lamb's record. This part:
He said he would NOT vote for her for Speaker, and did.
No, he didn't.

And then there's the disrespect of spelling Conor Lamb's name wrong.

However, instead of defending his fellow serviceman, the Trump-endorsed Sean Parnell defended Trump instead:
No fair trying to deflect, Sean. Trump used the phrase "American fraud" without the qualifiers you so dutifully supplied and you also failed to correct Trump on his error about the vote for Pelosi being speaker. Surely you knew that was incorrect, right?

When can I add the part about how Donald Trump avoided serving in Vietnam by lying about his medical history (this according to sworn testimony from his one-time attorney Michael Cohen)?

So a Memorial Day insult of a retired Marine by a guy who avoided military service is even more absurd.

How far has this news reached?

The Trib:
On Memorial Day, President Trump called Marine reserve officer and Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb an “American fraud” on Twitter.
President Trump took to Twitter to call Congressman and veteran Conor Lamb an “American Fraud” on Memorial Day, about a week ahead of the state’s primary.
Talking Points Memo:
President Donald Trump marked Memorial Day by calling Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA), a Marine Corps veteran, an “American fraud.”
The Week:
President Trump spent part of Memorial Day taking shots at Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Penn.), calling him an "American fraud," misrepresenting his voting record, and spelling his name wrong, all in one tweet.
This in an endorsement for Republican Sean Parnell and with every defense, he now owns a little piece of it.