June 15, 2020

Sean Parnell Wishes Donald Trump A Happy Birthday (And Shame On Him For It)

Um no, Sean. He should not be celebrated in anyway. His legacy (one to which you're officially and irrevocably tied) is a disaster for this country.
  • 115,000+ of our fellow US citizens dead on Trump's watch. With hundreds more dying each day. He made a bad situation horribly worse by downplaying the severity of the virus and as a result tens of thousands of our fellow citizens are dead, more have suffered (and continue to suffer) horrible effects of the virus.
  • Teargassed peaceful protesters to clear the area for a photo-op. These were people exercising their 1st Amendment rights, attacked with tear gas and flash grenades.
  • Originally planned to hold a rally in Tulsa (the location of a massive racial massacre in 1921) on June 19 (known as "Juneteenth National Freedom Day" in Pennsylvania). If you don't know the importance of the Tulsa massacre or Juneteenth, you should.
And that's just recent events.

We could spend days discussing his sexism, his racism, and his dishonesty.

This is the guy you happily sang "Happy Birthday" to, Sean.

Shame on you.