What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 23, 2004

Dick's Dick, W's Fly and other Purely Puerile Stuff

Life in these here United States got you down? Still depressed/enraged by the election? Well, me too! So get your mind out of the ballot box and into the gutter for a purely puerile blog entry. Here's some stuff guaranteed to make you laugh...or make you run looking for a bottle of bleach to burn your eyes out. Note: The following are all real, un-Photoshop'd photos/screen captures.

MSNBC Makes a Boo-Boo:

More here: http://www.wonkette.com/politics/patriotism/is-that-an-insurgency-in-your-pants-025697.php

Hey, Is He Checking Out Her Butt?

We All Wish W Would Just ZIP IT UP:

More here: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/041121/481/edb11411211850

No wonder he has heart problems
-- all that blood is being used elsewhere:

More here: http://www.milwaukeemagazine.com/122004/pressroom.html

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