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February 2, 2005

Howard Dean Poised to Head Democratic National Committee

From Air America Radio:

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and presidential candidate, has “surged ahead in the contest” for chair of the Democratic National Committee in the wake of his endorsement by the Association of State Democratic Chairs. The Dean endorsement caused Wellington Webb, the former mayor of Denver to withdraw from the contest and throw his support to Dean. “With the endorsement from the state chairs, it became mathematically clear that Howard Dean has the votes to win on the first ballot,” Webb said.

Dean’s capture of the DNC chair would be an important victory for the new wave of grass-roots activists who re-energized the party’s base in last year’s election. Dean’s candidacy has been opposed by the Democratic Party establishment and according to the Los Angeles Times, “unease about a Dean chairmanship is widespread among congressional leaders and many governors. But almost none of those grumbling privately have expressed their concerns publicly — in part, some believe, because they fear crossing the ardent grass-roots, Internet-activist community still backing Dean.”

The movement backing Dean is widely seen as being opposed to efforts to shift the party to the right as a response to the Bush victory last November. Opponents of Dean still have two candidates in the race: Donnie Fowler Jr. of South Carolina and former Representative Martin Frost of Texas. The vote takes place on Feb. 12.

From Daily KOS:
The Hotline's latest delegate count:

Dean 102 (23%)
Frost 15
Fowler 10
Rosenberg 4
Roemer 4
Leland 2

(This list does not include endorsements made as of February 1, 2005.)

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