What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 2, 2005

Manifestation of the American Dream

Senate majority leader Bill Frist said yesterday, ''The idea that the other side of the aisle is even considering filibustering this manifestation of the American dream that is Judge Gonzales is simply beyond me."

Yes, it might be beyond someone who confessed that, as medical student, he used to routinely adopt shelter cats as "pets" and then kill them to understand the objection some have to sanctioning the nominee for Attorney General who sanctioned torture.

If Alberto Gonzales is the "manifestation of the American dream," it would do well to remember that this is the manifestation of that manifestation:


Steve said...

Brilliant. Have you noticed that image is hard to find via google these days?

Maria said...

I've had this imaged saved for quite some time so, no, I hadn't noticed -- but why doesn't your observation surprise me? (sigh)