What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 5, 2005

My Very First Death Threat

I had really no idea how big of an impact I would make when I posted my "Theocon Trading Cards" (as Ol' Froth called them) here and crossposted at Daily KOS. The Daily KOS diary got about 200 recommends and 273 comments.

The 2 political junkies post got picked up by MyDD, as well as mentions all over the net including the discussion boards at salon.com and Motley Fool.

2 political junkies got close to a thousand unique visitors on the day it was posted and over 700 the next day. Between the hits on 2pj and KOS, we quickly exceeded the bandwidth limits at the site hosting the graphics and had to scramble around to find another server to host the graphics.

All the requests for actual product has led me to create a store for these designs (shameless plug: Holy GOP! -- look for products in the next 2 weeks).

It also led to my very first death threat at an Ann Coulter fan club message board (registration required). OK, I may be being a bit melodramatic here, but here's a couple of quotes from the site:

"Classy. They deserve a bullet in the head, not our pity."

"Yet while here on earth, I have the 'presumptuous' desire to exact revenge on people who cross certain lines... The Lord says, 'Vengeance Is Mine'... This may be a bit of a stretch... but, since we all have a little bit of God within us, am I not allowed to dispense a little bit of vengeance... Be it with OR without some penalty, I find that it is always rewarding to right a wrong or get even with evil..."
Truthfully, these statements do not frighten me. What I do find to be scary is another comment from that board:

"It's one thing to make fun of George Bush, quite another to "poke fun" at our Lord Jesus Christ. :shake"
Here's a clue for these folks:

I was making fun of YOU, not Jesus.


Ol' Froth said...

Maria, they are wingnuts. Of course they didn't get it. The Theocon Trading Cards are doubly sacreligious to those people, because they look at The Chimp and Company as heaven sent.

Michael Tedesco said...


Michael Tedesco said...