What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 4, 2005


I've been under the weather with a bad ear infection (four hours waiting @ the emergency room).

I will blog later today about Pennacchio's visit to the Burgh, perhaps about the Pope (uh-oh more death threats for me?), oh, and about the death threats I got.


sheabriana said...

Hey Maria! I hope you feel better. If you get a chance stop by Kos and recommend my diary on Chuck (just posted). Thanks!

PA Mamma said...
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Anonymous said...

This is long overdue, but I finally figured out how to post a comment here (I think). You may have received my original e-mail from 3/11, but it should be here somewhere…

Maria, That was absolutely beautiful! (I Got Your Pragmatism Right Here...)
You are my hero. You inspired me to comment on my first blog, (ahh, my first time *BLUSH*) but I tried and tried and it didn’t work (or I couldn't figure it out) so I did this instead.
I guess people just don't get it…“it's a non-issue for me”, “fringe group”, “narrow interest”, “I'm a Pro-life Democrat" ???
Woosh--it goes right over their heads: That reproductive rights aren’t about babies at all but power and control over women, that the Repugs could give a rats ass about life or even ending abortion, that it's just a wedge issue they use to suck away votes, and that you can't stand for equality for all (Oh, but wait…not women.) I’m now a “single issue” voter because my fundamental principles prohibit me from voting for someone who would impose their personal beliefs on others or not want equal rights for all?

Anyway, I am in PA & just learned of Pennacchio last night. I want to help and my search for more info led me here, finally a rational stance/opinion in a sea of ignorant (and dangerous) doubters.
Thank You.

Maria said...

Thanks! I took a lot of flak for that post -- but I wouldn't take back a word of it.

Pennacchio is well worth looking into!

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