What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 3, 2005

The house, the house, the house is on fire!

OK, not my house, but two doors away. Woke up to a nasty smell and thought something was on fire in my own home. The occupant of the house is OK. The fire was probably electrical.

Seeing as how most of the homes on this block are more-or-less row houses, I'm very glad that my house, the one next door and the one that was ablaze are the only three on the block that do have some real space (tiny) between them.

The smell is just awful!

Interestingly enough, I seem to be the only one in this house not to have woken up from a dream about fire.

Apparently a neighbor smelled the smoke and kicked the man's door in. The occupant (an elderly man) was awake and getting dressed but at that point the flames got much worse and the neighbors hurried him along.

Bottom-line: everyone is physically OK. The fireman are still here, as well as Duquesne Light. WTAE TV made an appearance. I will try to go back to sleep soon.

I do wonder if the firemen happened to notice the doll that I have hanging in my front window of Preznit Chimpy McFlighsuit. His pants are on fire. (And, I bet you thought that I couldn't link all this back to some derogatory comment about Bush!)


xranger said...

"I do wonder if the firemen happened to notice the doll that I have hanging in my front window of Preznit Chimpy McFlighsuit."

You don't realize how wacko that is?

Maria said...

Sheesh! Conservatives have no sense of humor. Of course they likely didn't see it and didn't care if they had. You always call me on "bashing Bush" for anything that any Republican does so this was more a joke for YOU. The joke was that this story was, of course, completely unrelated to Bush in any way, yet I still bashed him in the blog entry.

And, you bit.

Maria said...

The kicker to all this?

Local TV reporter and cameraman show up at my door around noon as they were told that I could direct them to the people to interview who helped the neighbor whose house was on fire.

Did they ask for me by name? No.

How did they know which house to go to?

C'mon...wait for it...you know the answer:

They were told the house had a BUSH DOLL IN THE WINDOW.

I kid you not.

Bob said...

I swear Maria must be a closet Bush supporter. Why else would someone go to the trouble to obtain Bush paraphernalia, either for or against him?
My advice is to destroy the doll publicly.
That being said, Bush gives republicans a bad rap as well. I (republican, too) found a promotional republican site that is conspicuously devoid of Bush paraphernalia (about time): www.cafepress.com/310firststreet
and no Jeb Bush 2008 crap either!