What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 2, 2005

No Two Snowflakes Are Alike...But Snowflake Baby Parents Are Identical!

Remember when Preznit Chimpy McFlightsuit appeared in the White House for a photo-op with parents who had been given left over embryos from in vitro fertilization (IVF) attempts by other couples? These babies are called "Snowflake Babies" based on their past frozen state. Bush appeared with twenty-one "Snowflake Babies" born from an embryo-adoption program at Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency. The children and their parents met with congressmen and the president before the House vote on stem cell research.

What wasn't detailed at the time that Bush was extolling the virtues of this "adoption" program is that it discriminates on the basis of religion and sexual orientation.

A couple who adopted from the agency said that it states on the agency's forms that the adopting family must be conservative Christians and, ideally, include a stay-at-home mother. Another reason that the couple used this agency is because they were afraid that another agency might give "Snowflakes" to lesbian parents. (The HORROR!)

So if I've got it straight (pun-intended) it would be a sin according to Chimpy's buddies to let these popsicles...err...snowflakes not be adopted to loving parents, unless of course the loving parents are Heathens, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Gays, etc., or -- God Forbid! -- LIBERAL Christians. Then, it might just be better to keep them frosty forever.

Full story at AMERICAblog.com.


Andrew L said...

So does traditional adoption. It's not the program itself that discriminates, it's the embryo donors that do. It's perfectly legal, and there's nothing to prevent someone from saying "Only Jewish Lesbians can 'adopt' my embryos."

This one is a non-issue.

Andrew L said...

Let me amend that -- that agency may accept only those donors who meet those conditions, but other programs can have other criteria.

Maria said...

The point is the Chimpy picked an agency to highlight...to go to the White House...to be preseneted as a great example for the nation that discriminates...not what any private agency chooses to do.

Andrew L said...

Ok....I hear you there.

Say, have you seen the text of HR 1652? (S 809)

I have it on Freedom's Gate.


Andrew L said...

I have some excerpts from the FAQ of that agency:

What if we are not Christians; will you still work with us?

The “Christian” in our name explains who we are; it does not necessarily describe who our clients are. We work with families from all religious backgrounds. We need all types of families to meet the various adopting and genetic parents’ criteria.

Can single women adopt through Snowflakes?

Since Snowflakes began in 1997 we have had a few genetic families open to placing with a single mom. Although we do not require that you be married, we feel it only fair to tell you that the genetic families in our program prefer to place their embryos with a married couple. As a single woman, you will almost certainly have to wait longer for embryos than a married couple, and you may not be matched within the time period you hope to become pregnant.

How are genetic and adopting families matched?

Both genetic and adopting parents provide Nightlight with information about themselves and indicate what type of adopting/genetic family they are looking for. Genetic parents indicate their preferences regarding the age, income, work plans, religion, prior marriages, and race of the adopting families, as well as their desire for future contact. If we have an adopting family on file that matches those criteria, their letter, biography, and photos are sent to the genetic parents for consideration/selection. If the adopting family is selected by the genetic family, then the genetic parents’ information (letter, biography and photos) is sent to the adopting family for consideration/selection.

Andrew L said...

Actually, I just found the original NY Times article. It was not an ADOPTING couple that found paperwork on the agency forms that said the family must be conservative christians with a stay at home mother, it was the donating family that specified that on their forms...

Those conditions were fine with Bob and Angie Deacon of Virginia Beach, Va., who donated their 13 embryos after having twins and being discouraged from another pregnancy by a doctor. "With another program, to be honest with you, they could have been adopted by lesbian parents, and I'm totally against that," said Mr. Deacon, 35.

It took two and a half years to bring themselves to fill out the papers. On their forms, they said the adopting family must be conservative Christians and, ideally, include a stay-at-home mother.


halcyon67 said...

That is almost as worse as that judge prohibiting parents from teaching their kid Wicca.

What I find rather entertaining about the article is that Bush is for adoption and he claims he is for equality, but he appears at a monotheistic adoption agency, like Christian Adoption Agencies are better or something. I highly doubt that Bush would make an appearance at a Pagan Adoption Agency even though he is for "religious diversity."