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August 29, 2005

Santorum's Revisionist History

This has been floating around the blogosphere for a few days. I wanted to make sure the loyal readers of 2 Political Junkies got a chance to see it. Lil Ricky's made it onto this week's "Top Ten Conservative Idiots" (he's number 7).

Apparently, our Junior Senator has made public announcements questioning the Iraq war. And how do we know this?

Because he's made public statements that he's made public statements questioning the Iraq war.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
In an interview last week, he said he had publicly and privately raised questions about efforts to contain the insurgency and to limit Baathist involvement in the new Iraqi government. He made his remarks in response to a charge by his leading Democratic challenger, Robert P. Casey Jr., that Santorum has failed to "ask the tough questions" about Iraq.
However (and this is the good part), no one has been able to find any of these public statements.

When challenged by the Inquirer:
Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum's office acknowledged yesterday that it cannot locate public statements of the senator questioning the Iraq war, despite the senator's claim last week that he has publicly expressed his concerns.

But Santorum said that doesn't mean he hasn't made the comments.

Anyone heading out to a public appearance for the good senator? Any chance of asking him where and when he questioned the President on the Iraq war?

UPDATE: Turns out the more intelligent of the 2 of us has already written about this. I missed it because it was 4 whole days ago.

This really only proves 2 things: 1 - She's smarter than me and 2 - but only by 4 days.

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