September 27, 2005

Pictures from the March in DC

As promised in this post, here are pictures from the September 24, 2005 March Against the Iraq War in DC.

Many thanks to the Hodge Family (Lindel, Janice, Limiel and Zuri) for providing me with them.

Limiel out front.

Can't quite make out what the blue signs say, other than "Bush Lies."

The red and white signs say: "Money for Education, Not War"

Peace Balloon!

Near the stage.



More Zuri -- notice the pig in the center.

Oh, Pennocchio! Will you ever grow up to be a real boy?

Best billboard ever!


Anonymous said...

Although I apologize, again, for my shallowness, it must be said that these moonbat chicks are still ugly.

This is not a comment on their message, their dedication to peace, yada yada yada.

It just seems to me that perhaps the demographic that's drawn to this sort of protest is one of unattractive women. really should investigate this.

djhlights said...

I always knew sexist pigs could add so much to the political discourse that modern punditry could be shaken to the core.

Love the billboard photo by the way.

Maria said...

The billboard was done by a Daily KOS reader and Working Assets ran with it.