September 24, 2005

(Sorta) Live Blogging (Kinda) from the March Against the Iraq War in DC

For a variety of reasons -- OK, one reason which is I have to work through the weekend -- I couldn't go to DC today. But if you, like me, couldn't attend, you can still see people marching live here (click on the green dot at 14th & Pennsylvania Ave) as of 4:30pm ET as I'm writing this.

C-SPAN covered some of the speeches today. Unfortunately, they were not covering the massive amount of people on the street. While it was nice that they broadcast the speeches, that was not where the bulk of people were and it made the event look deceptively small.

My friend, Janice, attended the rally/march with her family and they've promised to bring me back some photos.

She's called me twice from the march. This is not the first march that she's gone to in DC, but she says it's by far the largest.

DC Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, noting that organizers had hoped to draw 100,000 people, said, "I think they probably hit that." However, I heard that the rally organizers on C-SPAN estimate that it was closer to 300,000 and Janice was estimating 500,000.

Around 3:00pm, Janice was at the 900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. She reported that there was a counter-demonstration there of approximately 500 people.

You can see video of some of the speeches at The Brad Blog.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (err, well not exactly), Bush had a change in his travel plans today. He was scheduled to go to San Antonio to look all presidential -- like he was doing something in regard to Hurricane Rita, but apparently the weather would not cooperate.

Too stormy, you ask?


Too sunny!

That is, too sunny to look like it had anything to do with a hurricane (no good visuals). So Preznit Chimpy McFlightsuit had to scrap the hurricane bullhorn moment that he just can't seem to grasp and go straight to Colorado Springs.



Anonymous said...

We have returned from the most incredible march. The march went on for hours!!!! We spoke to people from Chicago, New York and saw signs from California and Vermont! The Raging Grannies sang to a audience of all ages and ethnicities. So many people and everyone was peaceful. We saw pictures and boots of the fallen soldiers and wept. And I have accepted that we MUST not allow the crimes of this regime to continue. They must be held accountable! Yes, 2006 is an opporunity for cahnge, but why wait. Demand justice NOW!!

Steve said...

Maybe the rose-coloured glasses just make it seem too bright and sunny.