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October 21, 2005

Conservative Backlash against Ann Coulter

I found this at Bradblog.

Looks like an organization called Citizens for Principled Conservatism is annoyed with Ann Coulter and has been for a while.

Here's how the CPC describes itself:
Citizens for Principled Conservatism is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the proposition that Conservatism can only endure as a viable and vibrant movement if it maintains a commitment to the core character traits of honor and integrity, honesty and virtue.

However, these character traits are not exclusively conservative in nature and cannot be co-opted by a single political party. Consequently, this coalition reaches across party lines to all those who believe that those core character traits are necessary ingredients for the public square and all those who inhabit it.
I can't speak for the other Political Junkie, but I heartily applaud the above proposition. I wish the CPC the best in this project.

So what's the CBC doing these days? Seems that along with running Coulterwatch, they're producing an anti-Coulter documentary.

And what's their beef? Here's what Brad has to say:
Citizens for Principled Conservatism (CPC) is currently in-production of a documentary named The Truth About Ann which aims squarely at political and religious hypocrisy of Rightwing commentator and author, Ann Coulter.

Also, the CPC released to BradBlog a powerpoint presentation (sorry for the annoying alliteration. Unfortunately, it was unavoidable.) which can be downloaded as a windows media file here.

CPC is run by a man named Daniel Borchers, who also runs the website Brotherwatch. While the two sites take a decidedly religious tack in critiquing the Right (a tack unavailable a lowly agnostic such as myself), it's good to see someone on the Right pointing out what we've been seeing for a while. Here's a good quotation:
“Speaking the truth in love is a Christian imperative,” says Borchers, "But both truth and love – core Christian concepts – are foreign to Ann Coulter."
Truth and Love are foreign to Ann?? Whudda thunk it?

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