What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 21, 2005

DeLay's Lawyer Smears MoveOn

A Lying Client and His Lying Lawyer

From Think Progress:

DEGUERIN: The latest thing on MoveOn.org’s website, they are trying to raise money by selling t-shirts with Tom DeLay’s mug shot on the t-shirts. And I just don’t think that it looks right for the judge sitting on Congressman DeLay’s case to have contributed to an organization such as that.

According to MoveOn’s Washington director Tom Mattzie, this claim is false. Mattzie told ThinkProgress this morning that MoveOn has “never sold any t-shirts with Tom DeLay’s mug shot” on their website or otherwise. You can go to their website and see that he’s right.

Repthuglicans just refuse to play any game unless they hold all the dice. They want a Rethuglican laywer in a court in DeLay's own district. So, they LIE and the Media refuses to FACT CHECK and swallows the lies and repeats them.

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