What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 29, 2005


Democracy for Pittsburgh (local coalition group for Democracy for America) usually features candidate forums at every meetup. The December meeting featured a few candidates who really stood out (in my humble opinion). I mention it now because December 31st is nearly upon us and this is your last chance to make a contribution to candidates for the 2005 year.

I therefore ask you to consider contributing anything that you can to any or all of the following candidates:

Georgia Berner, Candidate running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District (www.georgiaberner.com )

Georgia Berner is an innovative CEO of a prominent and growing manufacturing company in New Castle, PA who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's fourth congressional district against Melissa Hart (a horrid little conservative Republican who is for torture and corruption). Georgia's campaign is really gaining momentum and she could really use your help in keeping that momentum going. (Did I mention that Georgia is a pro-choice candidate, one of the few, if not the only one running in this race?) I was impressed with Georgia's down to earth style and common sense approach -- plus, this is a woman who knows how to CREATE JOBS.

Tom Kovach, Candidate running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District (www.kovachforcongress.com)

Tom Kovach is part of a growing trend of "Fighting Dems" (Navy Vet). He's running a real grassroots campaign. As he puts it, "This is the people's campaign. We aren't interested in support or donations from big business and WILL show special interests that we, the people, can build a campaign and win without the big bucks shoveled out to our opponent by the likes of Dick Cheney and Tom DeLay. We are strong, experienced grassroots Democrats who want to send a message to our party that Dems shouldn't try to pace the Republicans in fundraising. Campaigning can be done with quarters and we'll prove it!" His issues page is heavy on restoring our economic well being and supporting a safe, fast and fair exit strategy for Iraq. Take my word for it that Tom's a dynamic speaker -- or better still, meet him yourself.

William Sargent, Candidate for State House in the 42nd Legislative District of Pennsylvania, (www.votesargent.com)

William Sargent is one more "Fighting Dem" (He flew missions over Afghanistan and Iraq and is currently a Reservist). William intends to be a true “CITIZEN LEGISLATOR.” As he puts it, “Professional politicians have run Harrisburg for far too long, and the time has come to make a change. As an Air Force Reservist I represented the United States as a citizen soldier, and when elected I will serve my district as a citizen legislator, not a politician. As Pennsylvanians, we are in the midst of a crippling economic crisis stemming from ever-increasing property taxes, stagnant local and national economies, a decline in manufacturing jobs, and the rising cost of energy. We can no longer afford ineffectual leadership in Harrisburg.” I found him to be a riveting speaker.

Steve Karas, Candidate for State House in the 34th Legislative District of Pennsylvania, (www.karasforpahouse34.zoomshare.com)

Steve Karas is a member of Democracy for Pittsburgh and you can read his platform here. It includes such items as reducing both the benefits and size of the legislature to reasonable levels and allowing any citizen to gather signatures and offer ballot referendums. Steve's a great guy who can use your support.
DONATE TO STEVE KARAS: Contact him at gbh65@verizon.net

Chuck Pennacchio, Candidate for U.S. Senate -- Pennsylvania, (www.chuck2006.com)

And, if you've read this blog at all, you know I support CHUCK PENNACCHIO for US Senate. Pennacchio is everything that Bobby Casey, Jr. is not: a true progressive. He's the Blue State Candidate that we need for the Blue State of Pennsylvania (Poll shows Casey's support will plummet as voters learn he opposes choice).


Event Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2006
Event Time: 7:00 PM
Venue Name: Mario’s South Side Saloon (upstairs)
Address: 1514 E Carson St
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA
Zip Code: 15203
R.S.V.P. for this meeting here.


UPDATE: 2 Political Junkies is NOT Democracy for Pittsburgh's blog. 2PJ is David's and my blog. David is free to post all he wants for whomever he wants (even Bob "I put my own self to sleep when I speak" Casey if he chooses to).

The website for Democracy for Pittsburgh is:

If you go there you'll notice that I blog there as well. HOWEVER, when I do blog there, I feel that I am blogging on behalf of the group and so I do not personally advocate on behalf of any candidates there. Once a candidate is endorsed by the group, then and only then, do I feel that it is perfectly legitimate to push for particular candidates on DfP's website. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

Really now, are we that desperate to lose to the Republicans again this year, especially to the likes of Santorum and Hart??? We can do better than Pennachio & Berner and actually have two great candidates who, most importantly, can win--Bob Casey and Jason Altmire. I've very disappointed that there was no mention of them on your post and apparently no mention of them at the DFA meeting.

Maria said...

Jason Altmire spoke at a DfP meetup -- I belive in August. I'm sure there's an open invitation to Casey to speak to DfP.

That said, have you read the poll results? Have you seen that Casey loses his winning margin the more people find out about him? (That link was contained in my post.)

Have you see that his overall poll numbers have dropped?

Also, as was stated in my post, these were my OWN opinions on which candidates I thought people should support.

Anyone else can create their own blog and blog to their heart's content on who they think folks should contribute too -- or they can comment here as you have done.

Maria said...

Further note: 2 Political Junkies is NOT Democracy for Pittsburgh's blog. 2PJ is David's and my blog. David is free to post all he wants for whomever he wants (even Bob "I put my own self to sleep when I speak" Casey if he chooses to).

The website for Democracy for Pittsburgh is:

If you go there you'll notice that I blog there as well. HOWEVER, when I do blog there, I am blogging on behalf of the group and I do not personally advocate for any candidates there. I hope this clears up any misapprehension that you may have about that group.

Maria said...

One more thought: If you want to advocate for Casey and Altmire, by all means attend DfP's meetups! You won't be the only one there who thinks people should support those two.

We have a meet-and-greet from 7 - 7:30 and you can tell everyone you want who you support and why.

You can hand out literature for the candidates you favor.

I "walk the walk" so why not show up to meeting and not just "talk the talk" here.

That's what DfP is all about!

We welcome you there! :-) Seriously!

Join the group and become part of our endorsement process!

Anonymous said...

Democrats asking for money? Say it aint so. Can't you people do anything on your own? Do you always have to beg? Man, no wonder you're so anti-captalism.

Anonymous said...

What of the rumer that Altmire is dropping out of the race due to lack of funds? Wouldn't this show that the support should go to Berner? Has anyone heard anything more on this topic?

Maria said...

Hadn't heard that about Altmire...

Interesting if it's true...

Anonymous said...

PoliticsPA is reporting a shake-up in the staff for Altmire! I heard there is more going on here than meets the eye!

We shouldn't be wasting our time on him, it will take a well funded woman with great credentials to beat Horseface.

Anonymous said...

Funny. The shake up puts a woman in charge of the campaign, which is a rare occurance. You should be happy about that. Besides these things happen all of the time on campaigns, people come and go.

Anonymous said...

I heard Altmire's announcement this week drew over 100 people and he gave a great speech. He got the union endorsements for the entire district. Also heard he has an even bigger announcement planned. Apparently somebody likes him.

Anonymous said...

Altmire can beat Hart and Berner can't. End of story. The staff shake-up came just before his major announcement(s), which proves he's serious about winning. He has much more support than Berner.