April 13, 2006

This is Fiscal Conservatism?

From the AP:
Government spending hit an all-time high for a single month in March, pushing the budget deficit up significantly from the red-ink level of a year ago.
In its monthly accounting of the government's books, the Treasury Department reported Wednesday that federal spending totaled $250 billion last month, up 13.7 percent from March 2005.
Gee, those "fiscally conservative" Republicans are doing such a wonderful job, huh?

But all this could be some glitch, some one time only spike in the numbers, right?

So far through the first six months of this budget year, which began in October, the deficit totals $303 billion, an increase of 2.8 percent over the deficit in the first six months of the 2005 budget year.
Isn't it just great that we have the party that sells itself as "fiscally conservative" overseeing the economy? Spending is up, deficits are up, the size of government is up. Yea, God's Own Party must have some real geniuses running the show over there.

But I'm sure the administration will blame it all on the "democrats in congress" and the "liberal media."

And of course we should trust them because they've gotten so much else right; WMDs, Iraq's ties to al-qaeda, Katrina...

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