What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 13, 2006

My Time on WRCT

Had a great time on WRCT the other night. The audio's been posted here.

A generation or more ago, I hung out for a while at WHUS in Storrs, CT. It's the radio station for the University of Connecticut. I made it through their training/testing program, but never had a show of my own. Yea, I know - a bummer.

Anyway, the minute I walked into WRCT I knew that "college radio" hadn't changed much in 2 decades. Things may have shifted from analog to digital, from vinyl to CDs, but it was all wonderfully frayed and wonderfully familiar.

The interview went well, I thought. With a good give-and-take amongst all the participants.

If you have a chance, give a listen to the show. I'm sure the guys will appreciate it.

If you are curious at to which voice is mine, I'm the guy second from the right with the salt and pepper beard.


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