April 13, 2006


Friends of 2 Political Junkies, the Hodge Family, have been mentioned in these pages from time to time. The latest was at the end of last month when we mentioned that Zuri Hodge would be doing a reading at Eyes Wide Open: Pennsylvania (which featured one pair of military boots for every Pennsylvanian casualty in Iraq and 50 pairs of civilian shoes, tagged with Iraqi names, representing the 50:1 ratio of Iraqi to US casualties in the current conflict).

As it turns out, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's coverage of the event featured a lovely picture of Zuri taken by Andy Starnes which we've been meaning to post forever...and here it finally is:


Sherry Pasquarello said...

very touching. no words need be said, the photo speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

of course, as her mom, i am very proud because such a young child can sincerely CARE. thank-you for posting the picture.