What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 15, 2006

The Big Story

Via ABC news:
A senior federal law enforcement official tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we (Brian Ross and Richard Esposito) call in an effort to root out confidential sources.

"It's time for you to get some new cell phones, quick," the source told us in an in-person conversation.

ABC News does not know how the government determined who we are calling, or whether our phone records were provided to the government as part of the recently-disclosed NSA collection of domestic phone calls.

Other sources have told us that phone calls and contacts by reporters for ABC News, along with the New York Times and the Washington Post, are being examined as part of a widespread CIA leak investigation.
As Josh Micah Marshall writes:
If that's true, then I think we can set aside any pretense that administration policy on all manner of electronic surveillance isn't being brought to bear on political opponents, media critics, the press, everybody.
Do we still live in America?


Sherry P said...

not only political oponents and media critics and the press but say, business men( like chaney/haliburton) stocks etc.
think of the billions to be made/stolen if you can "spy" on rivals, think of how our ecomomy can be manipulated. think of what would happen afterwards, after it's found out.maybe another depression or worse. once spying is an accepted government pracice you just know that one of these days someone's going to use whatever info they need to do whatever they choose. it might not happen this year or next, but it will happen. too much money to be made not to.

Anonymous said...

when was the last time you idiots looked at your phone bill? Hello?? Earth to Koolaid drinkers!!! thats how they can see who you are calling!!

Sherry P said...

yes, i know they got them from the phone companies. the point is, they said that they said that they weren't tracking phone calls in this country, between american citizens, they lied, why would it be such a stretch of the imagination to think they are listening in and recording whatever they choose?
they lied, do you understand that.
they lied, they didn't use the fisa court, they lie!

Ol' Froth said...

Big difference from ME looking at my phone bill, checking its accuracy and Antonio Gonzalez looking at my phone bill, checking my relationships.

I'm an idiot?? You're a brain dead Nazi.

Maria said...

Dean Anon.,

And, your MasterCard statement shows your visits to that porn store -- doesn't mean the Feds should have that info -- or the info for every MasterCard transaction in the country (this is an A-N-A-L-O-G-Y) for you slow thinkers is BushWorld).

And get it straight, it's you on the Right who are the Kool-Aid drinkers (Oh yeah!).

Anonymous said...

i am sure maria's potential constituents would like to see how she really is since she is running for the Allegheny County Democratic Committee as a female member. yeah thats right, i am sure a bunch of pages printed from this blog and associated comments would make juicy news to the media. the name calling and cussing and vulgarity would definitely make good news. i wonder how many votes she would get after all this is released?

Anonymous said...

from wikipedia:

"Kool-Aid Drinker is a pejorative term originating in 1978. It is most often used as a political or personal put-down to describe someone who blindly adheres to a set of beliefs or political system, or who follows an authoritative figure without question. The term is derived from the 1978 mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana in which Peoples Temple Church leader Jim Jones convinced his followers to commit suicide by drinking grape Flavor Aid (a Kool-Aid type of drink) laced with cyanide. Most of them did so, and as a result over 900 people died.

This term is often used by media personalities, such as the Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, to describe individuals with unrelenting political views of one extreme or the other, generally targeting views that oppose their own."

maria next time dont look like such an imbecile.

Auntie Roo said...

Anon - Is that you pumpkin?

The con Koolaid is particularly noteworthy. More & more people are realizing that its "lemonaid" flavor is actually piss. Of course there're still people like anon who will keep believing it's lemonaid because it's yellow.