What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 16, 2006

Another Ruth Ann Dailey Follow-up

Looks like the Post-Gazette has issued a correction to the Ruth Ann Dailey column I wrote about here and here.

Take a look. Way down at the bottom of the page the P-G posted this:
Correction/Clarification: (Published June 13, 2006) This installment of Ruth Ann Dailey's column for June 12, 2006 editions incorrectly said only one blogger on DailyKos.com had commented on the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. A further search of the Web site showed more threads where users posted comments on the topic. [emphasis added]
Actually, it was Ruth Ann who was incorrect. It was Ruth Ann who didn't do a "further search" before the P-G published what she wrote.

It would be nice to presume that this blog had anything to do with the P-G's correction, but as I don't have any evidence either way, I'll just have to smile smugly and remain (more or less) silent about it.

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