What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 19, 2006

Gitmo Suicides: Inmates Unaware they had Defense Lawyers

Maybe they wouldn't have committed an "act of asymetric warfare" if they had known that they had lawyers...

From Daily KOS:
Just when you thought that Guantanamo coudn't get any more embarrassing for the U.S.A., we get this breaking news from Knight Ridder. 2 of the men who committed suicide had lawyers, but were unaware that they were represented. 1 of the men had no lawyer and was a juvenile when first brought to Guantanamo.
From the Miami Herald:
The Yemeni captive who killed himself at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, had an attorney arranging to visit him in August, but did not know it when he committed suicide.

One of the Saudis, Mani Shaman al Utaybi, 30, had been approved for transfer to a jail back home, but also had never been told he was cleared to depart the U.S. detention center.

As the Pentagon was silent Thursday on the repatriation of the bodies of the three men from the island prison, their lawyers questioned whether their isolation and lack of knowledge about their status contributed to their deaths.

Ya think?

Sometimes I get very upset with my friend who is planning to move to Canada. I don't think she should give up on the US. I think she should stay and fight. But then I read crap like this:
Both Engelhardt and attorney Jeff Davis of Charlotte, N.C., said government lawyers had thwarted repeated attempts to see their clients.
and I wonder what country I'm in.

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