What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 20, 2006

Role Models

Kevin Spacey who is playing archvillain Lex Luthor in Superman Returns said that he based his character on another character who's been in the news lately:
"There's a lot of [former Enron chairman] Ken Lay in him this time," smirks Spacey. "He is more smartly dressed than I think we have seen him looking before. I like to call the look General Rommel goes to dinner."

But 2 Political Junkies has learned via anonymous sources that another newsmaker was considered by Spacey and then rejected as "too cartoonish." Spacey said, "Some choices are just too obvious. I mean, c'mon, he shot an old guy in the face! It's just a little too spot on for the Superman series. Better to leave that sort of thing to Batman movies."***

We, here at 2PJ, say it's about time for a new generation of archvillains to appear in the Superman movies. Say, one who captures the unique combination of sanctimony, hypocrisy, pure evil and bad fashion sense that embody the wicked scoundrels of our times.

With that, we humbly suggest a new archvillian for a new century:


***All quotes are guaranteed 100% non-verbatim!


O said...

I have that exact same suit.

Anonymous said...

Holy man on dog!
My loser ex-husband owned that suit in 1980. But even he was not wierd enough to wear it with a bright pink tie.

Anon 2

Ol' Froth said...

Seersucker IS comfortable though more appropriate for a promanade on the boardwalk

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is that jacket lavender or gray? Sometimes cameras can distort 'cool' colors like that. But yeah, Rick, why are you wearing a pink tie?