What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 21, 2006

2 Poliical Junkies ON THE AIR

One of our favorite local radio personalities, Lynn Cullen, is taking some time off this week and so her producers went out looking for fill-ins.

They called on Tony Norman and Tony Norman called on the 2 Political Junkies.

All of us will be ON THE AIR on Wednesday morning, 9 to 12 on Newstalk 1360.

The station does stream over the internet (see the link at Lynn's name above) so fear not, if you don't have an AM radio or if you're out of the area or if your AM radio doesn't pick up 1360 because you work in a bank vault, you can still hear us.


Sherry P said...

that's great. i knew tony norman was going to be on, you two make it even better!

Pgh Lesbian said...

Thank goodness. I cannot believe they schedule five MEN to substitute for Lynn. How hard could it be to dig up some interesting progressive women to sit behind a mike and talk?

Go Maria!

Anonymous said...

Oh for heaven's sake, Pgh. Lesbian, SHUT UP.

Jesus is a liberal said...

I think it's great that Tony, Maria, and David will be on Lynn's show - should be for more than one day.
And one thing Anonymous - if you heard Sue on John McIntire's show you would know that she is not only an amazing writer (love the blog) but also quite awesome on the air. Pgh Lesbian needs her own radio show.
Come to think of it Maria and Sue would make an amazing radio duo to fight the crony male hierarcy that sadly is the Pittsburgh status quo.

Anonymous said...

She's a whiner

Maria said...

Ack! I don't feel any pressure at all now, nope. LOL

Maria said...


Wow! It take a lot of guts to yell at someone to sut up and call them names anonymously!

Pgh Lesbian said...

Thanks for the props Jesus. Its so very typical that men like anonymous get their man-panties in a wad when mouthy women don't act like good girls.

Speak up, speak out and speak PROUD, ladies.

Anonymous -- you forgot to mention that I must hate men ...