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August 21, 2006

Fred Honsberger on those WMD

This afternoon on his KDKA radio program, the supremely well-informed Fred Honsberger faced down a caller who tried to tell him (and those of us listening in) that there were no WMD in Iraq.

I know. I know - silly thing to do, right?

Well, the Honzman marshalled all his rhetorical skills and brought us (yet again) the story of Georges Sada.

Fred Honsberger described Sada "one of Saddam's top generals." He then played a tape of Sada saying that Iraq had WMD.

For Fred Honsberger, that was all that was needed.Well take a look at what the Wikipedia has to say about Georges:
He officially retired in 1986 as a 2-star general, but was called back to active service for the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. He claims that he was discharged and imprisoned on February 5, 1991, for refusing to execute POWs and has not been employed in any official capacity in Iraq since then. [emphasis added]
Please note that that was 15 years ago - 12 years or so before the war began.

Something the supremely well-informed Fred Honsberger failed to tell us.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions about Fred Honsberger's veracity.

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