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October 31, 2006

Altmire and Hart Will Appear Together on KDKA Radio

This is the closest thing we may get to a real debate.

Jason Altmire and Melissa Hart have agreed to make a joint appearance on the radio together on Thursday, November 2 around 8:00 AM on The KDKA Morning News with Larry Richert (1020 AM or live stream at www.kdkaradio.com).

If you listened to John McIntire's The Flip Side last night, you heard an ad for it.

Hart has turned down every debate opportunity to date.

Altmire/Hart is one of the hottest Congressional races this year.

A little birdie (OK, it's Halloween -- a little bat?) emailed me this weekend that the station was working on this. They also said that KDKA-TV is trying to get them both to appear together on the KDKA/P-G Sunday Edition show (taped on Friday to air Sunday, November 5, at 8:30 AM). Ken Rice (KDKA) and David Shribman (Post-Gazette) host that show. Don't know yet if that one will actually happen . . .

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Whigsboy said...

This is fantastic. It's about time. They also did a side by side with the Post Gazette last week. The article talked mostly about Iraq and it was good to see Altmire saying the right things about Iraq.