What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 31, 2006

A Follow-up Post on Allegheny County's Voting Machines

Last Friday, I posted about the glitches that turned up in the Logic and Accuracy Testing of the machines that we'll be voting on next week. That post contained a report from Richard King (http://www.votepa.us ).

King had a letter to the editor published in Sunday's Post-Gazette on parallel testing of voting machines and software verification. You can, and should, read that letter.

The letter was also signed by Douglas Shields, City Council president; Tonya Payne and William Peduto, City Council members; Chuck Martoni, County Council member; Bob Hillen, chairman, and Joe Weinroth, vice chairman, Republican Committee of Pittsburgh; and Jim Roddey, former Allegheny County chief executive -- nice bipartisan support!

If you still think this subject is unimportant, you might want to read The Miami Herald's report of problems in early voting in Florida. It recounts complaints that their machines are flipping votes to the GOP -- what a surprise!


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