What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 24, 2006

E-mailed into me

An astute reader e-mailed in a scanning of something she'd gotten in the Post Office Mail. It's some anti-Altmire campaign literature.

Very interesting stuff. From the text, you'd think that his first name was "Lobbyist" and his middle name Jason. "Lobbyist Jason Altmire..." and so on.

But again, why would the republicans think that "lobbyist" is a dirty word? I thought they were the party of K-Street. Haven't they based a great deal of their governance on lobbying?

Incidentially, in the text I counted 7 uses of the word "Lobbyist" and 8 uses of the term "tax" (as in "big taxing liberals" etc).

Gee, I wonder what message they're trying to get across.

I'll try to get an image of the mailing posted by the end of the day - I'm also waiting on a comment from the Altmire Campaign.

Morning Pittsburgh. Enjoy the weather. This is what it'll look like for the next, oh, 5 months or so.

UPDATE: Here's the mailer.

And the other side.

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