What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 24, 2006

More (real) Poll Numbers

From the T:
Two weeks before the midterm elections, Pennsylvania voters appear ready to elect two Democrats to top statewide offices, according to a new McClatchy-MSNBC poll.

In the race for U.S. Senate, Democratic challenger Bob Casey retains a steady, 12-point lead over incumbent Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, according to the poll. Among likely voters, 51 percent of those surveyed said they would vote for Casey, 39 percent for Santorum.

That was a slight, but not significant, bump for Casey from the 49-40 advantage he held three weeks ago in a similar poll.
Depends on how one defines "significant" I guess. I guess since the "bumps" are within the 4-point margin of error, then yea - they're not that significant.

However with one "bump" for Casey edging upward and the other "bump" for Santorum edging down, what was a 9-point lead has become (I guess) a 12 point lead.

Ask yourself this. What would've happened if Santorum "bumped" up 2 points and Casey "bumped" down 1? What would've happened if the numbers were Santorum-42/Casey-48? Rightwing blowhards all over would be screaming that this proves there is movement in Santorum's favor - that the race is finally tightening.

But that's not what happened. And so because whatever movement there is, is in Casey's favor, the "bumps" inside the margin of error are "not significant."

In any case, it's bad news for , bad news for God's Own Party, and bad news for the social conservatives upon whom they depend.

And that means it's a very good thing.


Democrats-Lie said...

David, care to share any of the political party affiliation data regarding those polled? I thought not. How many of those polled were Democrat? How many Republican? How many undecided?

Gee, you don't mention it...why not? At least I did in the poll I was speaking of on my own site, which I strongly suspect is why you shot off words like like "Rightwing blowhards all over would be screaming that this proves there is movement in Santorum's favor - that the race is finally tightening."

Data, David. Data. Let's see it, otherwise you're spewing out nothing more than misinformation.

A Big Fat Slob said...

What an ignorant comment.

Did you read the article to which this post linked?

Did you bother looking for the poll results. They really aren't that hard to find. Or did you just want to look like an idiot?

Anonymous said...

Please do not feed the troll.