What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 3, 2006

Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) snatching corruption evidence out of reporter's hands

Here's the video of the story David posted about last night:

Hmmm. Even Jeff Habay didn't have a moment like this on tape. Certainly seems to give proof to all the talk about what an arrogant SOB Murphy's rumored to be. Not only does he snatch up the evidence from the reporter and refuse to give it back, as David points out, he blames the whole thing on his staff.

Murphy's opponent is Chad Kluko. Kluko, the DNC, or someone (anyone!) should make a 30 second spot out of the above tape.


Vanna said...

This is almost as personally amusing to me as the video of Jim Motznik being chased through the halls of several buildings when confronted with his jitney service, I mean, travel expenditure overrides on the City's pocketbook. But this is far more important. I agree; if the DNC or someone doesn't make an ad out of this, it's a massive opportunity lost.

Mark Rauterkus said...

This is great use of YouTube -- and a great investigative report. Well done KDKA.

Getting the staffer to talk on camera is a fatal shot against Tim Murphy.

My next question, where is the FBI and DA, if not auditor general?