What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 7, 2006

I wonder what Jack Kelly Will Say Next

Remember when Jack Kelly wrote this?
Here is the history Democrats would like you to forget: The CIA began worrying in the late 1980s that North Korea was trying to build an atomic bomb. President Clinton attempted to head them off by offering a massive bribe. If the North Koreans would forgo their nuke plans, the United States would provide them with 500,000 tons of free fuel oil each year, massive food aid and build for them two $2 billion nuclear power plants. The deal made North Korea the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid in Asia.

Mr. McCain was against the deal from the get-go, because it was all carrots and no sticks, and there were no safeguards against North Korean cheating.

North Korea took the bribes President Clinton offered, and kept working on its bomb.
Looks like Commando Kelly is definitely not in favor of "offering massive bribes" to North Korea to get it to shut down its nuclear program. I wonder what he's gonna think about this?
The United States has offered a detailed package of economic and energy assistance in exchange for North Korea’s giving up nuclear weapons and technology, American officials said Tuesday.
Will he call that a bribe as well?


Matt H said...

Jack Kelly is an idiot. Everyone knows it.

I remmeber when he was titled as the "Post-Gazette national security writer" and none of his articles were about national security. I constantly wrote to him when his crap columns had nothing to do with it and he never once replied back to me. Clown.

Anonymous said...

Can Jimmy Carter personally deliver the offer to North Korea? He deserves another chance!