What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 6, 2006

Still Rick - He just couldn't help himself

Via Talkingpointsmemo, there's this from CNN.
The Senate voted 95-2 Wednesday to approve Robert Gates as President Bush's choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld as defense secretary.

The vote came a day after the nomination sailed through the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Gates, a former CIA director, will be sworn in December 18.

Two Republican senators -- Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Jim Bunning of Kentucky -- cast the only no votes.
Whether Gates is the best person for the job is a different issue. But look at what Rick did AFTER the vote:
After Gates was confirmed, Santorum -- who lost his seat in the November election amid a wave of unhappiness about the Iraq war -- took to the Senate floor.

He delivered a nearly hourlong speech, warning of the dangers of not confronting "Islamic fascism" and its budding alliances with anti-American countries such as Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba.

"We are sleepwalking through the storm," Santorum said. "How do those who deny this evil propose to save us from these people? By negotiating through the U.N. or directly with Iran? By firing Don Rumsfeld, (and) now getting rid of John Bolton? That's going to solve the problem?"

He said he felt Gates is not "up to the task."
Why am I picturing a little kid stomping on the ground when he didn't get what he wanted for his birthday?

That's right - because that's how Rick is acting.

One more month. Just about one more month of this, right?

UPDATE: Wonkette chimes in.


corporatemedia said...

No, dayvoe, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately we have him for at least six, and possibly ten more YEARS.

By total chance, I happened to see the entire speech. It was NOT, as it will be called, his "final major senate speech."

What was it? The FIRST speech of his presidential campaign.

It was obvious, from the practiced, theatric nature of his performance, that much of this speech will become his "stump speech" as he works his base over the coming years.

He WILL run in 2012 if the Repug candidate loses in 2008.
He WILL run in 2016 if the Repug candidate wins in 2008.

This feels like one of those horror movies: Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Count Dracula, Richard Nixon, and now Santorum.

What the hell does it take to keep these evil people down?

Shawn said...

Eh, I saw it a final, beautiful flameout. Think Khan in "Star Trek II," except it's the Senate floor and a pinstripe suit and pink tie instead of funky "futuristic" garb and you get me drift.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was his audition bit for Fox News.

He will take whatever job pays the most - whether it's on K Street, Fox Fantasy News, or starting some new religion (he does have all of the signs of the anti-christ).

He doesn't have a snowball's chance of ever becoming president of anything bigger than his kid's treehouse.

Anon #2

EdHeath said...

Well, thinking about Santorum, a couple of thoughts occur to me...
He may run for President (certainly he has the ego for it), but I think his lack of Oratory skills and his oratory record will sink him.
It appears he is burning bridges with the Senate and the administration, perhaps trying to appeal to the Pat Toomey (spelling?) wing of the party. I suspect no wing of any party wants him now.
He may be trying out for Fox News, and if he hasn't already made an agreement with them, or if they don't offer and if he has to ask, I am sure they will snap him up.
In (too many) other words, I agree with anon #2.

corporatemedia said...

First, I did not say he would WIN the presidency, just that he will run.

But as far as "snowball's chances", I heard the same said about Ronald Reagan over 3 decades ago and about our current president less than a decade ago.

That Santorum lost in Pennsylvania (actually got his ass handed to him) will NOT hurt his standing among his constituency, instead it may help him. By 2012 or 2016, PA may be MUCH bluer - with another Dem Senator, another 2 House seats, and a Dem still as Gov (fingers crossed).

To Santorum's legion of wingnut zealots (the Toomey follower types as edheath pointed out), being rejected by such a blue state would be a badge of honor for Santorum to wear proudly.

Next, a gig on Fox News does
not, in any way, conflict with a long range plan for a run at the Big Job. We've all heard that Newt is thinking of running. The last time I saw Newt, hmmm, I think it was on...oh yeah...FOX !

Nominations are won in the primaries. Republican primary voters are the most conservative (and evangelical) members of the Republican party. He will position himself as their champion - the "Christian Warrior President" ready to wage the never ending battle against Islamic Fascism.

Depending on the outcome of the 2008 races (and I'll not do ANY predictions on those - yet), Santorum may be well positioned to lead the Rapturite Christianist's attempt at the "final solution" for the purification of the Repug party.

Finally, edheath, speaking of Santorum's lack of "oratory skills" struck me as an amusing comment. Only four months ago the conventional wisdom was that, in the debates, Santorum would take on Casey, "chew him up, and spit him out" because of his superior oratory and debating skills.

How the times they are a changin'!

When the Meet the Press debate was announced, one PA blogger was writing that Casey was "crazy" to debate Santorum at all because of the "damage" that Santorum would inflict.

I responded that it was a "brilliant" move to debate Santorum on MTP because 1)no one would be watching on Labor Day weekend anyway and 2)it would give Casey a chance to get used to Santorum's style for the following (and I predicted this exactly) 3 debates that would follow.

Of course, I was told that I didn't know what I was talking about. Oh well.

Just because I spent the last two years working exclusively on the single most important issue (residency) that would ensure his defeat, doesn't mean that I haven't come to understand an awful lot about T-Ricky.

Santorum Cybergate

I will offer this (easy) prediction. Within a year (or 2 at most), Santorum will give up his claims to PA residency. Pennsylvania has no role to play in his political resurrection.

I do'nt really consider saying that Santorum will run in '12 or '16 to be a prediction because, after having watched that speech the other day, I know for certain that he is already running - NOW.

Anyway, let's do this:

We'll all drop back in to 2PJ in five (or nine) years from today to discuss the current status of Santorum's presidential campaign!

Don't be late!

Anonymous said...

Dang, you guys just can't talk about anything new, can ya? Ya'll won the election in November, so how's about talking about the so called progress coming our way?

Instead, you maintain your image of bashing everyone around you have all disagreed with in the past, even after the fact you won in November.

Can somebody say clueless morons who don't know what else to talk about because (1) they don't know what their political party is actually up to, or (2) perhaps do not really care only because Democrats got their power back.

Still spinning your wheels, eh David?

Schmuck Shitrock said...

It's really getting hard to keep track of all the Anonymous trolls around here.

Could we ask you folks to differentiate yourself somehow? If you can't think of a blogname of your own (I know that it's difficult for someone of your level of, shall we say, distractedness), feel free to do what I did, and take one that is based on the insults addressed to you. You will have even more options than I did in this regard.

Or choose one based on your faith, such as "Facts Don't Matter" or "Jesus Hates Fags."

Or advertise your patriotism by calling yourself something like "Iraq Good," "Kill A Librul," "Nuke France," or "I Enlisted."

Please don't use anything like "Inane," "Clueless," or "Illogical," "Out In Space," or "Lips Move While Reading" as this will not help us in distinguishing you from each other.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Compliance will significantly enhance your joy of posting drivel and our amusement while reading it.

corporatemedia said...

Thank you, Schmuck. Major LOL.

I fully support your fight against this "War on the Traditional Values of Real American Bloggers" that is being waged by this invading horde of