What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 19, 2007

1 Political Junkie on KDKA Radio Today

I'll be a guest on Fred Honsberger's show (1:00 to 5:00 PM) this afternoon on KDKA Radio.

I'll be on sometime around 1:30 or 2:00.

The subject will be the influence and power of the blogosphere.

The subject of Mayor Luke may also come up.

KDKA Radio: 1020 AM or listen live online here.

Tune in!


Anonymous said...

What makes you a so-called expert on the influence and power of the blogosphere? And what makes you think anyone really wants to hear what you say?

Anonymous said...

I assume Fred (or his producers) called (or e-mailed) Maria for the interview.

So in answer to your question, I guess FRED HONSBERGER wants to hear what Maria has to say.

So your argument isn't with Maria, is it? It's with Fred.

Go complain to him.

Maria said...


Fred emailed me and his producer followed up with a phone call.

FYI: I have been a frequent caller to Fred's TV show in the past. While we are on opposite sides of the political fence, Fred has repeatedly said on the show that he respects my intelligence if not my political views.

I will also say that 2pj is one of the more popular political blogs in town and has been referenced by the MSM on many occasions.

Additionally, both David and myself have appeared as guests on KDKA and WPTT numerous times.

r said...

Wow, i never realized how dangerous it was to be here.

Maria said...


Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm listening. I'm getting like Maria has been, sadly. Ouch.

I blogged about Fred, a bit, on my site.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't have an argument with you guys or Honsburger, I just wasn't aware you were an expert on blogs or politics for that matter. this particular blog always struck me as one written by ultra-liberals. you know, the un-american t, pro-abortion, pro-gay & lesbian, anti-family type. You certainly have, and are entitled to, your political views and to blog them. But I'd hardly consider you an expert on politics by no means.

Justin said...

First, you should gain some semblance of a grasp on the English language, Anon, if you're going to try to make yourself look better than someone else.

Secondly, if you think Maria and Dayvoe are "ultra-liberal" then you have absolutely no clue about politics other than on a "God told me to vote for Bush" scale.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe bloggers have the power and influence to create trivial shitstorms that fascinate the similary obsessed for upwards of 36 hours at a time.

Gloria said...

I heard parts of your commentary, you rocked.

Sherry P said...

it seems it's only "trivial" when it shows someone's argument or political party to be in the wrong.

and no one here that i know of is "unamerican" except the people that make big money trying to label others and set one american against another.those people are truly unamerican.

Democrats-Lie said...


Shut up. So Maria and David are liberals. Yes, I can attest to that. Believe you me. I get into it with them quite often enough. But to get on Maria's shit about being on Fred Honsberger's show is ridiculous. I find it (1) admirable that Fred will have someone who is on the other side of the political fence visit his show; that being Maria, and (2) admirable that Maria is going on the show to talk about whatever.

Now, I am no follower of Maria or David's political views, but it's nice to be able to hear what the other side has to say while on a conservative (well, in Fred's case...mega-conservative. I think Fred goes too damn far on some things) talk show.

That being said, what's with the personal insults? If you don't like to read what they say on here. Fine. If it bothers you that much, well, then don't return.

Most of the things I read on here I do not agree with at all, but that's just it, I don't agree with it. Some people do agree with it. Some people don't. It's called America.

That being said, I do like to read what is on here to see what Maria and David have to say, even though I think they go to the extreme - but again, that's *my* opinion only.

And speaking of blogs, where's yours? If you're going to get on Maria's shit about it, then start your own blog and see if you can do better. It's a free country (still).

Shawn said...

? ? ?

Okay, we are now offically through the looking-glass. ;)

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we should now be on the lookout for lightning in the East. If anybody sees four guys riding pale horses, let us know. Then you're on your own.

Matt H said...

Goes to show you that anyone will appear on any show to get a little PR. FRED HONSBERGER! What a joke!

Maria said...

It goes to show you that Fred Honsberger claimed that the blogosphere was "dangerous" and I had no problem defending our better local blogs.

Gee, Matt H, hasn't Lukey appeared on Fred's show?

What does that make him then?

You are really grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you or Dave are particularly politically astute. And although I do occasionally read it, I don't consider your blog to be one of the better ones. Your views are much too liberal. And when you went out of your way to get Tonya Payne elected to city council, that soured me even more about your true motives. Although Sala Udin had to go, she was definitely not the right person for the job. What vision does she possess for this city? For that matter, what is yours? Trust me -- you add nothing to the Peduto team and frankly think your involvement will lose votes he'd otherwise have received.

Democrats-Lie said...


the15212 said...

Who gives a flying frog's fat ass whether she's on the show or not? Good for her and her blog--it's mad exposure for both their efforts. This is Pittsburgh so I'll put it in the only terms you yinzer, backwoods, half-wits understand: a football metaphor. Notre Dame, regardless of how bad they are, get a bowl bid every year --should they turn it down? Of course not. Now I'm not saying 2PJ's are bad, I'm just saying that any publicity is good publicity. I wish Fred Honsberger would rally my fat ass off the couch to be on his show. I could talk about couches.