What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 19, 2007

Liar, Liar, Luke's on Fire

WPXI aired video on the 6:00 PM newscast from back in October of 2006.

It showed the reporter asking Mayor Luke Ravenstahl about the police incident.

You can view the video here (Click on the link labeled "Target 11 First Confronts Ravenstahl About Incident").

The reporter repeatedly asked Ravenstahl "Were you arrested?" "Were you cuffed?" "Were you taken before Mike Scott?" etc.

Ravenstahl kept repeating that he was not "arrested" or tried to weasel out of answering by asking the reporter where he got his information from.

But to be clear: Ravenstahl was asked if he was ever cuffed and he did not answer with anything like the truth: "YES."

It should also be noted that KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin admitted on his show this morning that he not only had previously asked Ravenstahl if he was "arrested" but also if there was an "incident" and that the Mayor had denied that anything had happened -- again, a lie.

It was not as Fred Honsberger claimed that Luke had only been asked if he was "arrested."

So, if anyone wants to know why the MSM did not report on this story before, it was because the police couldn't talk and Ravenstahl repeatedly lied and said nothing had happened. (And stop blaming McIntire for the timing -- you could have given your side of the story back on October we all now see.)

Too bad so many take this Mayor at his word. I believe that it is safe to say now that that is something that you just cannot do.

Mayor Ravenstahl, your credibility just went up in smoke.


The Burgher said...

It's not the getting drunk, screaming profanities at police and getting pulled OVER the barricade that is the problem.

It is the COVERUP.

McNeilly said Police Policy says that a report should have been done, but there wasn't.

We know Luke has lied and tried to obfuscate his way out of this.

He called a press conference and lied to every station in town.

And, the interim Mayor's Office pressured Rick Earle to kill the story.

That's a bigger problem than the boorish behavior.

Matt H said...

Lies? What lies? The only lies being spread are the ones by McIntire and his band of thugs...including this blog.

Rick Earle asked blanket questions in an ambush tactic. Luke answered those BLANKET questions in an honest and truthful manner.

Anonymous said...

You did a nice job holding your own today against another liar: Honsberger - nice of him to adopt the version of nameless phantom cops who supposedly agreed with Luke, yet he disparages McIntyre for relying on his own sources.

Why was Honsberger so vehemently defending the kid? I know he generally talks out of both sides of his mouth (and other body parts) but this was pretty ridiculous given Luke's clear lack of character.

r said...

this is a dangerous place maria. GET OUT NOW.

Didn't you hear Fred?

Anonymous said...

I guess Matt H MISSED where Earle asked the mayor, "ever been handcuffed?" and the mayor answered, "I've never been arrested."

Slimy, weasel words.

The city of Pittsburgh deserves better.