What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 18, 2007

Ravenstahl "Policegate" Story Breaks in MSM

As David blogged here, John McIntire was the first to break a long-standing rumor that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl had had a run-in with the police at Heinz Field that normally would have resulted in an arrest. McIntire printed the story on his blog, MacYapper, yesterday and all hell is breaking loose today.

Let me first say that I had heard this rumor prior to seeing it at MacYapper and had heard that at least one local TV station was working on the story. However, having heard it only from one source (and not a direct one at that) and having no other backup on it, I was not prepared to post anything until I had more on it.

That is not meant to be any dig at John. I am quite certain that he has more sources and resources than me (and hasn't been confined to a sick bed for the past two months) and felt more confident in publishing the story.

Now that we've taken care of the blogger ethics part...

The Post-Gazette has already published Luke's account here.

Both KDKA and WTAE will cover today.

According to McIntire, John himself was interviewed by Bob Mayo for the WTAE piece.

Oddly enough, before Mac broke this, I had heard it was WPXI who was working on breaking the story. Will they cover it tonight?

Will it have legs?

Stay tuned!


Richmond K. Turner said...

Nice to see you posting again, Maria!

Maria said...

I HAD to drag myself to the PC for this day. Too much popping!

Anonymous said...

Repeating now: Perfect timing....for Ravenstahl. Get it out in the open now, do a contrite mea culpa, it's a dead issue by the time the primary comes around. Pittsburghers know two things: People get drunk and rowdy at Steelers game and Pittsburgh cops over-react to anything. No big deal, and garbage-mouth McIntire's shilling for Peduto will cost the candidate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, Yes, in fact, people do get rowdy & drunk at Steeler games. And of the thousands of people who've gotten drunk at Steeler games, over many, many years, how many wound up in handcuffs?

And our interim Mayor says there were no witnesses? Sorry, I thought we were talking about a Steelers game in Pittsburgh... Maybe all of this was happening at a tiddlywinks competition in Wilmerding. Could the MSM have gotten it so horribly wrong?

P.S. WPXI also did a blurb on it tonight.

Matt H said...

There were plenty of witnesses including Pittsburgh Police Officers.

I hope everyone got the story tonight from Marty Griffin on KDKA. His version of the story was 100% correct. Mayor Ravenstahl did nothing wrong and was put in handcuffs by a young overzealous rookie cop. Marty Griffin checked with his police sources and they verified that the Mayors version is 100% correct. Marty Griffin doesn't take sides and usually reports the truth.

McIntire jumped the gun on this trying to break the story and now has egg on his face.

Anonymous said...

I think this story is not quite finished.
I've watched all three channels and their raw footage of the interviews.
I just get the feeling there is something missing.
If witnesses come forward and dispute the mayor's account, then he could be in trouble.

Matt H said...

This story is a NON ISSUE. Everyone who I know that was there and SAW this incident explains it exactly how Luke did.

Marty Griffin also detailed that Luke Ravenstahl did not make any phone calls to Mayor O'Connor or Dennis Regan at the time.

EdHeath said...

Well, city councilmen have a history of getting involved with police. Most sober adults and in fact even most drunk adults know you never talk back or raise your voice to a cop. It is the surest way to spend an uncharged night in jail. But past that, I don’t think Luke is guilty of anything. His supporters will defend him, his detractors will try to make more of it than it is, maybe if we are lucky some undecided’s will consider the implications of a mayor that lets his temper run away with him (*cough* Murphy *cough*).

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how some 'police incidents' involving public officials are exposed and make their rounds all over the media with the intention to do great political harm, while others never, ever see the light of day. Wonder why nobody has ever reported on the incident in Oakland when Tonya Payne and Twanda Carlisle were detained while driving a city-issued vehicle? Also, it turned out that neither had a valid license. This incident happened when both were council aides, to Udin and McDonald. Payne went through an entire campaign with nary a mention. Do I smell special treatment?

Anonymous said...

I think there are two big stories here - First, last year, in response to repeated questioning over his involvement in this incident, Luke lied and denied that it ever happened. The Admiral has a great post expressing the sentiment of many concerning Luke's dishonesty on his People's Republic website. Jeremy Boren also reports on this recent lie by Luke.

Even Joey Cusick knew enough to just keep his mouth shut.

Second, once again, Luke tarred and feathered yet another City employee in his quest for power. I guess he figured that blaming it on the dead guy might not work this time?

Anonymous said...

Deconstructing the details only obscures the big picture. Here's the issue: Will this matter to voters in the primary? The answer is no.

Ol' Froth said...

Marty Griffin doesn't take sides and usually reports the truth.

Griffin getting a story right? That would be a first.

Matt H said...

McIntire is the only one who is saying that the "cops aren't talking." Everyone who has actually checked their sources have found out that what Mayor Luke has stated is the true story.

Anonymous said...

It's just the cops aren't talking to him (McIntire). And frankly, why should they? Who is he? As long as the truth gets out.

Anonymous said...

Who is he is a great question. Why does anyone take that unemployed bum seriously? He has outworn his welcome in PGH about 10 years or so.