What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 20, 2007

That was Fast

A smart salute to the Admiral who posted this first:

There are, though a couple of blatant falsehoods in the text.

It says "He lied about going to New York City while ducking a meeting in the Hill District." This is complete falsehood. Luke Ravenstahl ducked that meeting way before lying about going to New York City.

It then says "He only came clean once The Trib confronted him." But what's the big deal here? Lying to a reporter from the Trib is like lying to your wife about going to Hooters. Everyone does it, right? And when your wife confronts you about going to Hooters, all you need do is parse the words very carefully and it'll look like you were never there in the first place. If you do it well, it'll look like she's the one at fault. Simple.

It then says "He lied about being arrested at Heinz Field." Another complete fabrication. He was not arrested at Heinz Field (if "arrested" means being handcuffed, hauled down to the Police Station, fingerprinted, photographed and being given one phone call to Jim Ecker). Instead, he was incapacitated by the Police officer he was drunkenly bad-mouthing, handcuffed and hauled off to a waiting room in Heinz Field, where he was let go. See? It's a completely different situation. And anyway, he was not asked about that second scenario - only the first. So he was completely honest when he denied it ever taking place.

Right after that, it says "He only came clean once the bloggers confronted him."

Bloggers? Aren't they the ones who can't be trusted because they just spew half-truths and lies to the public?

I'm just asking.


Maria said...

"And anyway, he was not asked about that second scenario - only the first."

Actually he was asked, by I believe Rick Earle, if there was "a police incident" and if he was "handcuffed."

He just ignored those questions and kept repeating that he was "never arrested."

Details here.

Jason Phillips said...

"Come on, you're splitting hairs."

Anonymous said...

Here is another interesting vid ...