What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 26, 2007

Debates Tonight!

A reminder that MSNBC will be broadcasting the first presidential debates tonight at 7:00 PM. There are eight Democrats participating.

I'm hoping that the debates will give New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's campaign a shot in the arm.

While I doubt that he can win the primary with such 900 pound gorillas as Hillary and Barack in the race (+ Edwards), I hope that he'd be a first choice for veep.

I know I was hoping that Kerry would pick him back in 2004.

Certainly no one can match his resume and his foreign policy experience, plus he's a governor of a Western state -- an area which is becoming increasingly important to Democrats. (And, I cant see how he'd not help the Latino vote.)


The Burgher said...

I though Barack was best. Richardson did very well. But no one answered the rudy question right.

Fire back!

Matt H said...

They all did well. Especially the former Senator from Alaska.

I did't think that Obama was outstanding.

Sherry said...

i liked how the debate itself was set up and conducted.
the time just went by effortlessly and there was no bs.
i really had a good look at them all and it was one of the few debates i've watched that i enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

To Sherry::
there was no bs.

No BS? How about the canned answer from every candidate when asked what they considered their worst political failure? I loved the way they all pointed the finger at Iraq.
It's the typical socialist idea that no one is responsible for their actions, these Dem candidates were victim of Bush's "misleadings". I tell you what, you idiot Dems pushed the red button to vote for the war as well.

Sherry said...

yes, they did after they were fed lies by the administration.
it's hard to form the best decision on lies.

no there was no bs, no overblown purple prose crap. there were answers, and civility to boot!

i hope all the debates from now until the elecion are as civil.

it's about time they all , democrats and republicans alike, start acting like adults AND like their parents taught them some manners!

we would all be better off if we paid close attention and really listened to every candidate, both parties, instead of looking for ways to attack or twist or assign selfish motives to every word that comes out of their mouths, every proposal they might put forth.

this is not a sporting event, not american idol. this is not for cheerleaders or fans.

this is for all of us, no matter which "team" you play for or root for or are an alumni of.

we pay more time and attention yakking over dancing with the freaking stars than who will run our government.

i listen to republicans, i've voted for some republicans. i liked what those people had to say on issuse and decided they were the better choice.
i listen to democrats and to small 3rd party people as well.

the 3rd party people by and large don't have a chance of being elected, but at times they have the best idea on a subject and so it makes sense to let the party that does eventually win know that you think it's a good idea that they should look into.

it makes sense to remember we are all americans.

i'll climb down off of my soapbox now. thank you. ; )

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Be careful, Braden, or your remaining eyeball will pop out of your head, and you will be able neither to see NOR think.

I hate to agree with you (or with the Magic Eight Ball from which you get your ideas), but it is true that people like Hillary and Edwards enabled Dick Cheney, his sock puppet, and the neocons in their war for oil and profit. There's no valid excuse, and those Dems share a portion of the guilt with the demons that inhabit the White House.