What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 26, 2007


Senator Obama issued a statement today after both Houses of Congress passed the Iraq legislation. It read:

We are one signature away from ending the Iraq war. President Bush must listen to the will of the American people and sign this bill so that our troops can come home.
One signature.

If Bush signs the legislation, the troops can come home. If he vetoes it, they stay in Iraq.

It's as simple as that. One signature.

The useless dying can start to come to an end. This mistaken war we were lied and manipulated into can start to wind down. The troops can begin to come home. If he signs the legislation.

He promises to veto it. The killing and the dying and the maiming will continue.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You belong to the elite who mysteriously can justify defeat as an option in this matter. You are a model yellow-belly liberal. "Sour Grapes" Pelosi and "Liver Lips" Reid would be proud.

Anonymous said...


Check this poll out.

57% (which is a solid majority, in case you didn't know) now favor an immediate withdrawal or a firm deadline for withdrawal.

Explain to me how a majority is somehow an "elite"?

Smitty said...

The idea of withdrawl is driven by MSM...New York Times, LA Times,
ABC, CBS, NBC.Last night I was watching the late re-run of Anderson Cooper.He had on a CNN Baghdad reporter named Michael Ware. Ware stated VERY CLEARLY a US withdrawal will lead to a sectarian bloodbath. He also stated that there are elements of the current Iraqi gov't, other than Sadr,who have there own militias,funded by Iran,just polishing up their weapons,waiting for the US to leave so they can begin the slaughter. So in spite of the 57% who swallow the MSM BS on withdrawal,Rudy was right,this policy of withdrawal will lead to bloodshed that has so far been unseen.Thanks Hillary,
Chuck,Obama,Harry,John,Teddy,Joe,Bobby and all the rest of you fools in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

So now suddenly the main stream media is NOT parroting the drivel coming out of the White House?

When did that happen? When was the shift?

Smitty said...

what cave do you live in..wit' Osama??

Schmuck Shitrock said...

Ware stated VERY CLEARLY a US withdrawal will lead to a sectarian bloodbath.

Let's see, April has been the bloodiest month in Iraq since the occupation began. One day in April about two weeks ago was the bloodiest day since the occupation began. So if every American soldier left Iraq today, how could we tell whether the "sectarian bloodbath" began tomorrow?

Over the weekend, Ali Allawi -- a top advisor to the President of Iraq -- was asked what the effect of an American withdrawal would be on Iraqi security. He said the effect would be negligible.

See, there is no state more chaotic than chaos, and chaos is what Mr. Bush has created in Iraq.

The folks in the White House have proved themselves totally incompetent in fighting this war. If we are going to continue it, it needs to be under new management.