What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 24, 2007

Tom Delay - In Pittsburgh

I thought I detected a whiff of sulphur (or is that brimstone) on Monday. Tom Delay was in town talking to the Tribune Review.

Democratic leaders are acting like traitors by opposing the Iraq war, and President Bush must answer with a toughened stance, former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Monday.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "are getting very, very close to treason," DeLay said in a meeting with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"We have people dying," he said. "Not just our soldiers, but innocent citizens dying in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hands of these evil people, and you have your elected leaders making these kinds of statements that embolden the enemy. It's unbelievable."

Treason? Really? His "logic" seems to be:
Disagreements with our leader emboldens our enemies
Emboldening our enemies is (by definition) treason
Disagreeing with our leader is treason
I'm not sure the Founding Fathers would agree with such "logic." Tom (or at least his ghost writer on his blog) is among those who try to make the case that withdrawal somehow equals surrender:
For political reasons all their own, the Democrats seem anxious to declare defeat. In point of fact, whatever euphemism they use: strategic redeployment, phased withdrawal, tactical relocation – we should not be deluded as to their true meaning.
Even though according to a Fox "News" Poll a majority (61%) of the American people actually disagree with that position (check out question 34).

Does that make the majority of us traitors?

Speaking of which, things are getting interesting up in Vermont:

In a stunning reversal, the Vermont Senate approved a resolution early Friday morning calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The vote makes the Senate the first state legislative body in the country to call for Bush's impeachment. At least nine other states have similar resolutions pending.The 16-9 vote urging the U.S. Congress to begin impeachment hearings came without debate.

The vote fell mostly along party lines, although three Democrats joined six Republicans in opposing it.

I wonder if The Hammer thinks the state of Vermont to be traitorous? Or would that just be The Senate up there? Or maybe just those 16 who voted for impeachment? But what of all of the people up there who agree? If those 16 in the Senate are traitors, surely their supporters are, too.

Right, Tom? Tom?


Smitty said...

The majority of Americans don't know who their state rep is yet alone their congressman or US Senator,so how can anyone expect them to be knowledgeable about what is going on in this war against Al Queda and islamic Jihadists?The majority of their news comes from Katie Couric who spent most of her career doing lifestyle puff pieces in between sampling the hottest new cuisine on the Today show.Read this article and get a different perspective about Iraq and the surge.


Matt H said...

Tom Delay is what's wrong with America.

Anonymous said...

Loyal opposition? That's for suckers!