What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 15, 2007

New Party, My Ass

If you've been paying any attention, you'd know it's time to regard an endorsement by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee more as a badge of shame than as a clue for who to vote.

Don't reward bad behavior!


From Pittsburgh League of Young Voters PAC:
Reports of Ceoffe strong arming people from other campaigns at St. Augustines in Dist 7. The Sheriff actually showed up with an injunction. He is verbally harassing (her exact words were more like "he is being an ass") our election protection volunteer. He took her picture (though to be fair she was video taping his antics).

In district 9 we have a report of a committee person shoving an election protection volunteer (not even one of ours, one of the official non-partisan election protection people) and some other hijinks.
From the Patrick Dowd Campaign:

After a number of incidents of intimidation of elections officials at St. Augustine’s Parish, serving precincts 1,2, and 3 of the 6th Ward, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s office served a court order on the Ward Chair and all staff at the polling site prohibiting them from preventing poll watchers from entering the polling sites. The court order also instructed the elections officials to permit poll watchers to obtain information as permitted under law.

“Elections officials and poll watchers are not to be interfered with when they are doing their jobs,” said Isobel Storch, attorney for the Dowd campaign.



Anonymous said...

In the 9th, you should have known that politic strong arming was going to be done... It is war out there between the 12th and 13th ward...

Voters beware ----
12th ward is for Leah Kirkland so they say and 13th Ward is for Rev. Ricky Burgess so they say...

Vote for Judith k. Ginyard she is impartical. Her platform is working together with all wards for the good of the entire district.
8th, 10th, 11th and 14th Wards you all matter to Judith K. Ginyard.

Supporter of Judith K. Ginyard for City Council District 9

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for drama...
Vote Eric S. Smith

justin27 said...

The pic is hysterical. But why does it bother everyone so much that good stuff might be going on. Just like the crime in Homewood, we don't blame all of Homewood for what a few there do. We need to all work together. Stop complaining folks!! It's not positive in terms of reflecting your own character!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember being shocked when I first moved to Pennsyltucky and discovered that I had to walk the gauntlet before going into a polling place. In NYS, there was a much large "safe zone" outside of polling places which made any sort of electioneering illegal.

A simple change in the election laws to force this activity back 100 yards would end it once and for all.

But, wait, that would mean that legislators would have to vote for that....

Piltdown Man

Anonymous said...

A simple change in the election laws to force this activity back 100 yards would end it once and for all.


Mr. Burns --- whata ya think?

Anonymous said...

We need to all work together.

Vote Judith K. Ginyard,
"Together, We Can"
District 9 City Council

Now is the time to stand behind your words.

Voting for Judith K. Ginyard

Maria said...

Rev. Ricky Burgess in the 9th!

Anonymous said...


Check out the burg report comments about Ricky -- then say Rev. Ricky Burgess in the 9th!

He and his "staff" are really acting out at the fire house

Bram Reichbaum said...

I just spoke to a Burgess staffer in re the Firehouse. He describes the 12th Ward as a "snake pit" with overzealous staffers from all parties jostling each other for position outside of polling places.

t j said...

Has anyone been threatened, intimidated or strong armed by Tony Ceoffe or Lawerenceville United with the intend of them trying to acquire your property

Concerned said...
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Concerned said...

I have had a number of negative encounters with Tony Ceoffe and Lawerenceville United. Ceoffe tried to intimidate me through cursing, screaming, name calling, physically pushing me and even calling my 12 year old obscene names while she was picking up trash in a vacant lot across the street. Ceoffe's intent is to use old intimidation techniques to chase people from Lawerenceville so that he and the investors with Lawerenceville United can acquire the property. I can't imagine Ceoffe being qualified much less impartial to hold the magistrate's seat because I have personally experienced him lie in court, use the "N" word and scream other racial slurs. These Soprano tactics show what a thug he really is and his inability to rule in accordance with the letter of the law. He will set our area back 30-50 years because of putting his personal financial gains, acquiring all possible property for personal re-development plans, ahead of the true best interest of our area. It's no coincidence that Bodak - Lawerenceville United's bus load tours of investors have not been around and Ceoffe has toned down his antics right before this election. If Ravenstahl really knew who Ceoffe was would clearly distance himself in an election year. Lawerenceville United and the leaders associated with it are clearly out to line their own pockets.