What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 15, 2007

Pattern of Election Intimidation Reigns in District 3

From Pennsylvania League of Young Voters PAC:
Pittsburgh, PA: Reports are coming in that polling places all over district 3 members of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee are inside polling places acting as if judge of elections.

In another incident two 15 year old volunteers for the PA League of Young Voters PAC were harassed and antagonized by the Campaign Manager for Jeff Koch.
Also, individuals wearing Koch shirts have been sitting at tables with election workers at the polling places all over the district. At 9th and Sarah multiple individuals wearing Koch shirts sat inside the poll and a volunteer for the Kraus Campaign identified one as one of the suspended public works employees.

A number of other situations have been reported as well.
  • Kraus supporters have described the situation as having an air of intimidation

  • Voters called a volunteer and told her they were "afraid to vote"

  • Kevin Quigley was reported screaming at a Committee person who did not support Koch

  • Poll watchers are being turned away from inspecting voter rolls

  • This is my district and it comes as no surprise to me because I poll-watched for Bruce Kraus the last time he ran against Jeff Koch and the same crap happened then -- they even tried to have me kicked out.

    I'll be going to the polls in about an hour.

    Go ahead, bitches and try something -- make my day!

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