What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 29, 2007

Blogroll Update

The Rusted View

Null Space*

Early Returns**

* Now I no longer need to go there from a link at The Burgh Report.

** I apologize to everyone for the redesign of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's website (Pittsburgh WOW! or Now or whatever).

Obviously the new design was nothing but a ploy to get 2pj to blogroll their Early Returns blog. The P-G knew that if they went from having me simply click on "Elections" on the upper right corner of their old home page which led to a big link for Early Returns and instead made me hover over something called "Multimedia" then maneuver to "Blogs" then scroll way down to a link to Early Returns that I'd be forced to just blogroll ER.

Seriously, P-G, wouldn't it make sense to cross-promote your blogs under major categories to which they logically belong? Like a link to Early Returns under "Politics"? Perhaps this is just an oversight . . . or maybe you really want to keep all your blogs in some sort of blog ghetto . . .


Anonymous said...

The P-G's new "design" is a visual disaster. It does very little to brand the P-G and is difficult to navigate.

My sense is that it was deliberately made to look vanilla so that the ADVERTISING would stand out and dominate the pages.

Or, they wanted to make it look this bad so that people would be driven back to using the printed version of the paper :-)

Or, more likely, it's just one more example of bad, committee-driven design!

Piltdown Man

Gloria said...


Thanks for posting the Early Returns link. Ever since the paper's re-design I've only been able to find it once, couldn't remember where I'd originally found it.

Rich Lord - please rattle some chains over there - we love your blog, get the P-G to make it accessible!

Sue said...

Oh God ... the type size. If they just us to look at the pretty pictures and the ads, they should really consider photoshopping some of the text right into those images ... I cannot squint my way through the whole paper. And I have brand spanking new glasses.

Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Post-Gazette is fundamentally opposed to blogs. They're the problem, ya know. And the thing is that their redesign could've been done in 1997 if they really wanted it to.

The original design was far better.

O said...

The P-G needs design advice from this site.

Matt H said...

The PG site is terrible!!