What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 29, 2007

Bloopers, Blunders, and Mayor Luke on KD/PG Sunday Edition

Three local bloggers review Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's, um, performance on KDKA's Sunday morning KD/PG Sunday Edition.

Bram at The Pittsburgh Comet has a comprehensive rundown on the insanity inanities show.

The Burgher at The Burgh Report focuses on Luke's empty Pittsburgh Promise and calls his performance on the program " disastrous."

PittGirl at The Burgh Blog does what PittGirl does: And...Drink!

However, none of them mention my two favorite moments:
1. When Ken Rice reminds Lil Mayor Luke that he was only on the Letterman show as a "novelty."

2. When Ken Rice reminded Lil Mayor Luke that he was not actually one of the celebrities at Mario's charity golf outing.
Yeah, I'm shallow like dat.

By all means read what the awful bloggers who make Luke's Mom cry have to say, but PLEASE also watch the atrocities yourself:

Part One: http://kdka.com/video/?id=31275@kdka.dayport.com
Part Two: http://kdka.com/video/?id=31276@kdka.dayport.com


Judge Rufus Peckham said...

I can't get beyond this: "And I know that myself and the county executive are working very closely to look at this city and this area as a region." Someone should buy him a book on grammar.

Bram Reichbaum said...

The two Ken Rice zingers you mentioned were sort of collapsed into my observation, "Ken Rice is a hell of a guy." I have since found out he is some kind of communications professor? And from time to time he moderates debates? Wow, all this time I thought he was a talking head / game show host.

Maria said...


At one point during Miss Teen South Carolina's meltdown when she started really drifting off and saying "...like such as..." my first thought was that she sounded like the love child of Luke Ravenstahl and GW Bush.

Maria said...


We definitely need more interviews by that guy!