What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2007

And That Makes Two: The Trib Endorses DeSantis


It's an odd little endorsement. It begins with a nightmare of sorts:

Mark DeSantis could be the next mayor of Pittsburgh. But for all the wrong reasons.

A growing number of Democrats fear Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is a liability. They might try to swing the Nov. 6 election to the Republican challenger, letting him serve the remaining two years of the late Mayor Bob O'Connor's term. After all, there's nothing worse than allowing an immature and lightning-attracting accidental mayor to expand his power base by being elected in his own right.

Democrats could tolerate a brief GOP mayoral tenure. With their lock on City Council, Mr. DeSantis couldn't do much "damage." Back the political novitiate, hamstring and discredit him, then plan for a Democrat mayoral coronation in 2009. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Has anyone else heard of this plan? I must've missed the talking points that day. Does anyone out there know anyone who actually believes that? The Trib editorial board quickly gets onto the rest of the endorsement:
But we think Mark DeSantis should be elected for all the right reasons. His sound policy prescriptions. His understanding of basic economics. His forthright nature. His integrity. His understanding of "public service" and his fealty to restoring its true meaning.
Note the phrase "forthright nature." And although they misuse, I think, the term "positivism" in the next paragraph, by the end of the editorial they "heartily" endorse Mr DeSantis. In a press release, DeSantis is quoted as saying:
I am very honored to receive the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. I am pleased to see that the Trib's editorial board believes in my vision for a new Pittsburgh. The endorsements of both the Tribune-Review and Post-Gazette are indications of the growing momentum of my campaign.
It's weird, both papers agreeing on something political?


Bram Reichbaum said...

"hamstring and discredit him"

I don't plan on doing that. The Trib here proves itself constitutionally incapable of producing any bipartisan warmth.

But basically, yeah. I would expect the reign of DeSantis to be short and sweet ... although my mind for 2009 would certainly be open.

Anonymous said...

The political power brokers are already working on that plan. DeSantis can do know real harm, and could potentially do some good, but if he wins, he will definitely be a two year mayor. The Dems really want Interim Mayor Luke gone, and if it takes a two year R Mayor, so be it. The money dried up this reporting period . . . speaks volumns.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

I think DeSantis lasts 6 years if he gets elected. It'd be hard to beat him after two years. He'd still be in the "chance mode" that Ravenstahl got, and he wouldn't be doing the things Ravenstahl has done to blow it.

By the 6th year, if he even decided to run again, he'd probably have the same sorts of problems that all urban Mayors end up with, and there'd be a real opening then. Still, it's not exactly like the Pittsburgh Republican Party has a full bench.

And there's always County Executive in 2011. He could pull that off...