What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2007

Post-Gazette DeSantis Endorsement Is Online

Here's the link:


It not only says what is wrong with interim Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, it says what is right with challenger Mark DeSantis.

The editorial starts:

Pittsburghers are living in a unique time. There has never been an election for mayor in which the incumbent has served for 14 months, in which the winner will get only two years and where the future of the city, now under strict oversight from the state, hangs in the balance.

Unusual times call for more than the usual leadership. For Pittsburghers on Nov. 6, that means voting for Mark DeSantis, the first Republican the Post-Gazette has endorsed for mayor since John Tabor in 1969.

Why should a city dominated by Democrats consider a Republican for mayor? Because one-party rule has failed Pittsburgh and failed it repeatedly. It has failed to prevent population loss and business erosion. It has failed to head off the city's near-bankruptcy and job loss. It has failed to generate the big ideas that should be propelling Pittsburgh into the 21st century.

It ends by reminding their readers -- the voters -- that only they have the power to enact real change.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: This is a set-up. DeSantis is not going to reverse one of those trends in two years. In fact, he will not come close. But if elected it will give the lefties someone to blame other than themselves in 2010. I'm with Bill Green on this one. You Democrats caused the problems with 70 years of mismangement. You Democrats fix em.

Plato's Republican said...

You know, "John K.," a week's worth of a fiber-rich diet may put an end to the malaise that plagues you.

Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised John K isn't complaining that no one in the mayoral race is talking about Jesse MacBeth or the fairness doctrine.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

So I guess our Ultimate Chickenhawk will be voting for a Democrat. That's rich.

I live just outside the city, so this isn't my fight. But if there were two candidates running that I couldn't stomach, my vote would go to a third. I have the feeling that if DeSantis gets his way, the 'Burgh will become a much grimmer place.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: You lefties need to stay on message. I am suprised you haven't compared Jesse MacBeth to Ravenstahl. After all you still think he was a credible soldier and telling the truth. Sort of like Ravenstahl. LOL I am on today. I bet I could give Macintire a run for his money at the comedy club. Mocking liberals is too easy.