What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 18, 2007

Just Noticed Something...

Anyone else catch this?

BLOGGERS' GLASS IS HALF FULL. Several anti-Ravenstahl bloggers were searching desperately for a silver lining in the dark clouds of the mayor's victory.
Offered the folks over at The Burgh Report: "DeSantis has put up the best numbers for a GOP mayoral candidate in Pittsburgh since 1965. Or phrased in the other direction, Luke Ravenstahl's performance was the worst by a Democrat in a Pittsburgh mayoral general election in 42 years."

The frequent Ravenstahl critics -- and big Trib fans -- over at 2 Political Junkies wrote, "Look on the bright side ... (local bloggers) will have tons of material for the next two years." [emphasis added]

Ravenstahl couldn't have enjoyed the negative postings about him in recent months, but we're guessing he got a few chuckles reading the blogs Wednesday. What's that old saying about he who laughs last?

Never really thought of myself (or the blog) as being a fan of The Trib. But if they see it that way, who am I to disagree? Anyway PLEEZE don't tell my friends (all three of them) at the P-G about this. They'll throw me out of the lefty-bloggers association.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Ahem. Perhaps they were being sarcastic?

Sue said...

Don't worry ... you'll always have some street cred in the queer community.

Maria said...

HA! This explains what prompted my Dad (a Republican out in Greensburg) to comment yesterday that the blog was getting a lot of attention. When I got off the phone I was thinking "Dad reads the City Paper?!?" (No offense, Potter.)

Mark Rauterkus said...

Saw it.

City Paper pages are hard to read for those of us with more mature eyes. The size of type is just too tiny. Online works better for me there, generally.

I did see that Trib mention. The Trib editors were gushing in Negative Spin that day. They were taking "liberties" as they play a role where they are to hate all that is 'liberal.'

Be happy in that 2PJ got a mention in the Trib.

I ran for public office in the city in two races and my hits there are fleeting. None in the editorials -- except one best of blog.

Joshua David Hall said...

I never really liked the CP or trib either. Some of it being the Scaiffe ties.