What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 19, 2007

Police & Domestic Violence Ordinance

I'm hearing conflicting reports whether or not the Pittsburgh City Council will hold a preliminary vote today at the 1:00 PM standing committee meeting on the Police Domestic Violence Ordinance.

Anyone know for certain if it will be postponed again?


Gloria said...

I've heard that, while it's on the agenda, the vote may be postponed. But I've been unable to get verification.

Maria said...

Just saw another email from a certain list that seems to point in the direction of postponement.

Gloria said...

on televised council meeting - they moved swiftly to postpone it for a week. Maybe it'll be our Christmas present?

Cloud_Writer said...

OIDV vote held (again) until Wednesday 11-28-07

Peduto seems to be more aggressive on standards related to protection orders, firearm restrictions, pre-hire screenings, health/wellness, training, but it looks like they have some good things to review.