What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 14, 2007

George W. Bush favors naked men performing sexual acts on each other! (And, it's even better if dogs are involved!)

From The Huffungton Post:

The House approved an intelligence bill Thursday that would prohibit the CIA from using waterboarding, mock executions and other harsh interrogation methods.

The 222-199 vote sent the measure to the Senate, which still must act before it can go to President Bush. The White House has threatened a veto.


The administration particularly opposes restricting the CIA to interrogation methods approved by the military in 2006. That document prohibits forcing detainees to be naked, perform sexual acts, or pose in a sexual manner; placing hoods or sacks over detainees' heads or duct tape over their eyes; beating, shocking, or burning detainees; threatening them with military dogs; exposing them to extreme heat or cold; conducting mock executions; depriving them of food, water, or medical care; and waterboarding.
This bears repeating:

  • George W. Bush is in favor of forcing detainees to be naked.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of forcing detainees to perform sexual acts.
  • George W. Bush is in favor of forcing detainees to pose in a sexual manner.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of placing hoods or sacks over detainees' heads.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of placing duct tape over detainees' eyes.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of beating, shocking, or burning detainees.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of threatening detainees with military dogs,

  • George W. Bush is in favor of exposing detainees to extreme heat or cold.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of conducting mock executions.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of depriving detainees of food, water, or medical care.

  • George W. Bush is in favor of waterboarding.
  • There can be no mistake: The President of the United States is PRO TORTURE.

    Impeach the bastard now before we have no reputation left (if it isn't too late already).

    The following acts are approved by George W. Bush:

    By the way: "Military Leaders: Ignore Bush Veto Threat, Ban Waterboarding"

    Thirty retired admirals and generals have penned a letter to key Democrats, urging them to defy President Bush's veto threats and pass legislation requiring U.S intelligence agents to follow strict standards for detainee treatment.


    "We believe it is vital to the safety of our men and women in uniform that the United States not sanction the use of interrogation methods it would find unacceptable if inflicted by the enemy against captured Americans," the military officials write. "That principle, embedded in the Army Field Manual, has guided generations of American military personnel in combat. The current situation, in which the military operates under one set of interrogation rules that are public and the CIA operates under a separate, secret set of rules, is unwise and impractical."

    So, not only is Bush PRO TORTURE, he's also AGAINST the troops.


    Omnitheist said...

    It's really funny how you libs see george bush as the real enemy. Earlier this year, Al-Qaeda kidnapped and brutally murdered three US soldiers, then bragged about it. Just look at what they did in Algiers earlier this week...and Karachi last October. Not to mention all the attacks they've carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'd love to see you condemn the terrorists in the way you've done to your own president.

    Richmond K. Turner said...

    George W. Bush is in favor of conducting mock executions

    Is not! He'd much rather conduct real ones.

    Anonymous said...

    John K. says: Well that is a one sided article. No talk at all about what is being done to our troopers. Besides, if Bush is going to veto it, override the veto. Since you can't, and if it prevents another terrorist attack, good for Bush.

    Schmuck Shitrock said...

    Heh heh. Good point, Admiral. Didn't Bush set a record for executions when he was governor of Texas?

    And isn't it a shame the way the Wingnuts are so angry and full of hate when you criticize war criminals?

    Anonymous said...

    Yes...all liberals believe if we play nice then the terrorists will play nice. Makes sense, doesn't it?

    Hmmm...let's think back to when the Golden Boy was President (that would be Bill Clinton). Remember when our boys were captured in Somalia and they tortured them. Heck...why in the heck did they do that, those nice terrorists, we weren't even doing anything to them.

    It's war. War is hell. We can't back down and should never back down.

    Oh...by the way....aborting a live fetus...wouldn't you consider that torture? Nope....that's considered a woman's right to choose!

    Schmuck Shitrock said...

    Now that you put it that way, I guess I'll have to change my mind. You're right. Americans should all emulate Somalian terrorists. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

    DB said...

    Lol,I love the comments. They must be part of the 33% or so of people who actually think Bush is doing a good job. The same 33% who think you are "un-American" to how an opinion different than the president. The same percent who would rather shut opposition up or criticize them rather than have an actual tactful dialog. If water boarding works so well, how come we have only used it 3 times? Why don't we torture the hell out of every terrorist if it is such a good plan?

    Anonymous said...

    John K. says: Now there is a liberal for you, "Why dont' we torture the hell out of every terrorist..." Ah the morbid thoughts of a liberal. We don't need to torture them all. Only the ones that have vital info and won't part with it. And that came down to three. And it worked. No terrorist attacks on US soils in what over 6 years. And does Bush get thanked by the left, noooooo. Liberals just like to whine.

    DB said...

    So correct me please...out of all the terrorists in the world, only three had vital information? Water boarding those three people is the sole reason we haven't been attacked in 6 years? We have the best intelligence agencies in the entire world and you think that the only way they can get good intel is by torture? They are the best in the world because they know how to do their jobs a little bit more creatively than torturing people. Our military and intel agencies are the sole reason we haven't been attacked and I think they should get more credit than you are giving them. Also, Bush isn't fighting this war...the soldiers are. We should thank them not Bush.

    Anonymous said...

    John K. says: Have we been attacked in the last 6 years, NO! Did the three we waterboarded give us info that prevented those attacks, YES! You ought to read the Constitution once in awhile. Bush is the Commander in Chief. At least he is when you lefties like to blame failures on someone. The left revels in its ignorance. LMAO at how dumb they can be. For old time's sake db, gie us a Gen. Betray-us ad. LMAO

    DB said...

    That is circular logic. You are correct, we have not been attacked in 6 years. And Yes, the Constitution does in fact say that the President is the Commander in Chief. I want to apologize to you though. My previous posts were apparently too "pro-America" that you missed the point when I said I have more faith in our Intel Agencies and Military than to think they need to torture. Also, I didn't mention Bush was a failure. While I don't think he is doing a good job, I never mentioned failure. In fact, I support the war and the President, but I just have a different view on torture, which makes me "un-American". And in "reveling in my ignorance", I never once resorted to the personal attacks which imply immaturity. Moveon.org is as big a joke to the left as O'Reilly, Rush and Coulter are to the right. Only people who can't think for themselves will allow radicals to be their voice. But I digress, I can see your anger brewing.

    Ol' Froth said...

    We HAVE been attacked in the last six years, and everyone on the right ignores it, and the ignorance has been such that the left has forgotten it too.


    Look it up

    That said, we're supposed to be better than the brutish louts who do things like decapitate people. That's why we shouldn't torture people.

    Besides, torture doesn't really work that well in extracting info.